Rope Lights: Decorate your Porch or Patio

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 21st 2010

Rope lights are a great way to decorate the outside and the inside of your home. For example, they look great outside on a porch or patio. There are a number of ways you can use them outside. If you do plan to use these decorative lights outside, then Birddog Lighting Inc., a company which sells rope lights, recommends that the lights are not submerged in water because water can seep into them over a period of time and cause them to stop working. However, the company does say that they are generally waterproof. So you should make sure to place them somewhere that they will not be completely submerged when it rains. They recommend that you seal the rope lights with glue or another type of sealant when you plan to use them outdoors. You can line your garden path with replica watches them so that it is easier for people to see the edges at night and so that it looks nice. You can also use them to line the edges of your porch or you can hang them under the rails. Clear rope lights give the area a classic look and produce a soft glow. The company also manufactures lights in a number of colors and you can even splice different colors together. You could use rope lights to outline the porch steps, which helps everyone see them so that no one will trip in the dark. They can also be used to outline doors and even outdoor umbrellas if you feel like it. You can also use them around your pool. It is always nice to have extra lighting around the pool for safety when you want to use it at night. Wherever you put the rope lights, you need to make sure that you have access to an outlet so that you can plug the lights in. You can also hardwire these lights, but we recommend consulting an electrician beforehand. To install the lights you use mounting clips, and you need one for every one foot or so and more in areas where you make a bend. If you have to make a sharp bend, the company recommends using a new strand of rope lights. They can bend to almost 180 degrees, but sharp kinks can damage the lights and make them stop working. Whatever it is that needs decorating inside or outside your home, you can use rope lights to add subtle but beautiful accents and ensure that your backyard is the best decorated in the neighborhood.

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