Rope Light Projects

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 2nd 2010

Decorate your boat
Decorate your Boat with Rope Lights
Rope lights are a very versatile product, and you can use them to decorate in a number of breitling replica uk different ways. For example, some people use them in their homes and others use them for seasonal decoration, such as lighting up their house during the Christmas season. However, they can be used in other ways outside the home as well. If you have a boat, for example, you can use these lights as decoration and for extra safety. Twelve volt LED rope lights come in a couple of different varieties, and some produce steady light while some have chasing lights, which look like the individual lights chase each other down the string. You can also buy them in a number of different colors. In your boat, you can use them along the edges of the floorboard or under the edges of the seats to provide extra lighting or simply decorative lighting. If you have a large boat, like a pontoon boat, that you like to use for parties, then rope lights are a great way to create a festive atmosphere for night parties on the lake. You can even use rope lights along the railings of the boat as well or along the boats canopy. Other people like to go night fishing and rope lights can be helpful because they provide you with extra light, and they can help other boaters see you while you are on the river or the lake. Rope lights are generally waterproof, but Birddog Distributors recommend that if you are using them around water that you seal them for extra protection. These lights are easy to install, and you can use inexpensive mounting clips to hang them. The company recommends one clip for every foot or so of lights. You can also cut the rope lights into different lengths to fit whatever space you need to install them into. They are flexible as well, and they can bend to almost 180 degrees, although you need to be careful because a kink can cause damage. With rope lights, you can make your boat more visible and more stylish.

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