Rope Light Decorating Ideas for Cabinets

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 15th 2010

LED Under Cabinet Lights

The different things you can do with rope lights are seemingly endless, and even your cabinets are a great place to use rope lights. There are two different ways you can use rope lights to decorate your cabinets. The first way is to put rope lights along the tops of the cabinets. This creates a soft glow on the walls behind the cabinets. Most people use white rope lights for this project, but other soft colors work as well or any color that compliments the color of your walls. Yellow and blue can work well for this too. You can also use chasing lights, if you want something interesting for your parties. These kind of lights would look really cool on the cabinets in your pool house or apartment for example. In order to mount these lights you will need mounting clips and a drill. When mounting the lights, you will need one mounting clip for around every foot of lights. You should also remember that rope lights cannot make sharp turns, and though they can bend to almost 180 degrees, they cannot be kinked. Have you ever thought that you just don

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