Rope Light Accessories: What You Need To Know

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 21st 2010


When you are looking for the right rope lights, there are a number of different options, and the same goes for rope light accessories. Rope lights come in many different varieties. Some are steady burning lights and others are chasing rope lights. Rope lights also come in different voltages, which can affect which accessories you need. Some accessories can be used for both types of lights: steady burn and chasing. For example, you will need mounting accessories for both types. Whether you want your lights to be installed permanently or temporarily will influence what kind of mounting accessories you will need. Mounting clips are small plastic clips that hold the rope lights, and they can be hung on a wall. It is recommended that you use one clip for about every foot or so of lights. You can also use mounting track, which hold the lights in a track. You can find these tracks in a few different colors like clear, gold and silver. You can buy suction cup clips as well, which can be used to mount rope lights on glass surfaces like windows. Other accessories that you can use with all types of rope lights include rope light storage spools and rope light cutters. You can also buy a timer for your rope lights, so that they come on when you want them to, but some of these timers can only be used with specific voltages. Other accessories go with certain types of rope lights. For example, when you are looking for power cords for your rope lights, you will need to make sure you match the number of wires (two, three or five) and match the right voltage. End caps are also made to fit different rope lights. Splice connectors are used to splice two different rope lights strands together. Controllers are another rope light accessory that are made for a specific type of rope light: chasing rope lights. These controllers are used to create different light patterns with the chasing rope lights. The most important thing is to recognize all of the accessories that are out there so you can make the best use out of your lights.

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