Room Lights: 5 Awesome Ways to Hang LED Lights in Your Room

Posted by Birddog Lighting on May 25th 2020

Room Lights: 5 Awesome Ways to Hang LED Lights in Your Room

The lighting you choose for your room can have a huge impact on your mood and sense of well-being.

Do you feel like your room is dull and uninspired?

Adding new lighting features could revolutionize the feel of the space! Are you looking for ways to hang LED lights to transform your room?

Let's take a look at 5 ways room lights can make your spot more beautiful, inviting, and enjoyable.

1. Jazz up an Empty Wall With Curtain Lights

Curtain lights are an awesome way to create a gorgeous focal point for your room. If you've got a big empty wall that you've never quite known what to do with, curtain lights can transform the space from dull into glowing and magical.

These lights consisting of individual strands hanging from one wire are also great for hanging over windows or creating a gorgeous light canopy over your bed.

If you're looking for an attention-grabbing feature to take your room to magazine quality levels, the curtain style of room light hangings is a great option!

2. Add Some Novelty Lighting to Spice up Your Room

If you're looking to infuse your room with personality and style, finding novelty lighting that helps you express your tastes can turn your room into an Instagram-worthy sight in no time.

If you're all about those party vibes, consider decking out your room with these awesome chili pepper lights.

Do you dream of turning your humdrum room into a magical forest with fireflies and fairies? LED pixie berries can be scattered around your room to create a lovely ambiance.

Are you the type of person who always has a vase of fresh flowers in your room? By adding a color-changing vase light to the bottom of your vase, you can bring your flower arrangement to the next level! Illuminating the water with beautiful, bold colors, adding this accent to your room is a sure-fire way to create a space you love spending time in.

3. Write an Inspirational Message on Your Wall

LED rope lighting is amazing in its ability to be shaped in whatever way you please.

Whether you want to draw a heart, a clover, or your favorite short inspirational quote, using LED rope light will turn your blank wall into a masterpiece. It's important that you feel as at home as possible in your room, and adding such a personal touch to your wall can help amplify your feeling of ownership over the space.

If you're feeling creatively blocked from deciding what message or image to display with your rope lighting, take a gander at the countless inspirational ideas available on sites like Pinterest. Soon enough, you'll have more ideas than you know what to do with!

4. Decorate Your Furniture

Adding lighting to accent your furniture can totally transform the look and feel of your room.

You've got a lot of options when it comes to decorating your bed with LED lights. You could use curtain lights to create a headboard where there isn't one, wrap LED lights around the bedpost, or even create a canopy bed by artfully combining both fabric and lights.

Another option is to outline your mirror or vanity with lights. This both creates more light in a place it's most useful and forms a beautiful aesthetic. Sometimes less is more, and this is a great, simple accent that will go a long way to creating the space you desire.

5. Light up Your Ceiling

Whether you hang lights where your ceiling and walls intersect or you zig-zag lights across your whole ceiling, this is both a practical and a stylish approach.

If your room is lacking in overhead lighting, this is a great way to make your space more well-lit while not sacrificing style. Depending on the look you're going for, you could choose from warm, cool, or neon lights to outfit your ceiling.

Should You Use Warm or Cool Light in Your Room?

Considering the color temperature of your lights is important if you're envisioning your lighting creating a certain mood in your room.

Warm lights appear more yellow, while cool lights appear more white or blue. If you're hoping to make your room a peaceful, calm escape from the world, you'll probably want to go with warm lighting. On the other hand, if you want your room to be a place of productivity and activity, cool lighting is the way to go.

Warm lights are best for bedrooms and living rooms to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. It can help promote relaxation and aid in winding down for the day.

Cool lights are more suited for bathrooms, kitchens, and garages to help accomplish a more energetic tone.

The cooler color temperature can help create a tone of productivity and alertness. If you use cool lighting in spaces you spend your evenings in, it could interfere with your circadian rhythm. This means that it might interrupt your internal clock that tells your body when to produce sleep chemicals.

Make Your Home Glow With Room Lights

The most immaculately decorated room is done no favors by poor lighting. Not only can hanging room lights shed light on your space, but it can also be a critical addition to your overall design. With these five creative ideas for decorating your room, you can transform your space into the room of your dreams!

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