Revolights to provide illumination for cyclists through LEDs

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Sep 26th 2011

Revolights to provide illumination for cyclists through LEDs

Many people already use LED rope lights and string lights in their home to reduce their carbon footprints. Now, individuals will be able to bring their sustainable habits with them on the road while they're riding their bicycles.

Recently, Revolights have grown in popularity as cyclists not only look to improve the aesthetic appeal of their bicycles, but increase safety, according to CNN. The creators, who are based in San Francisco, designed the Revolights to provide ample illumination through LED lights to warn motor vehicle drivers of cyclists on the road.

Inventors Kent Frankovich, Adam Pettler and Jim Houk are currently working to turn their patent-pending product into a finished item. The Revolights can easily be mounted to the wheels to provide a bright light as the cyclist rides. Frankovich, Pettler and Houk have already developed a video to show how the LEDs work to improve safety on the road.

Those who already love LED rope lights, string lights and bulbs can extend their appreciation by using Revolights. The public release of the product is scheduled to take place in spring 2012.

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