POV LED Bike Lights: DIY or Buy

Posted by Joshua Prieto on Nov 22nd 2014


pov bike You might have seen them on an urban street somewhere, maybe while wasting time surfing the web, or perhaps in some modern art studio. Regardless where you saw them it definitely caught your eye. If you haven’t seen a POV LED bike light then be prepared to be pleasantly distracted. Driving an Urban street in Salt Lake City is when I first witnessed their awesomely distracting beauty. I nearly ran into the car in front of me as I drove by two bikers with Monkeyletric lights on. Apparently the idea has been around for some time in the DIY hackers arena, but after a successful Kickstarter by a company called Monkeyletric they’ve really started lighting up urban streets. Now the question is: do you buy or DIY? We’ll let you decide, but there are several ways you can get your bike wheels spinning LEDs. Instructable has several projects for POV LED wheels with varying degrees of complexity; if you’re fairly creative you could come up with your own idea. The Instructable I’ll recommend to you is by username liquidhandsoap titled “Simple POV Wheel Lights.” If you decide you’d like to go the DIY route. Come visit the Birddog Lighting web site and check out the selection of RGB strip lights and accessories. If doing it yourself isn’t your thing take a look at what Monkeyletric has to offer or just spend a few more moments being pleasantly distracted by Youtube videos of POV LED bike lights.

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