Poultry farmers opt for LED lighting

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Apr 2nd 2012

Poultry farmers opt for LED lighting

Poultry farmers in Delaware are making the switch to LED lighting with a little help from the Delaware Electric Cooperative, reports

As the state's businesses and homeowners strive to live more efficient, sustainable lives, a switch to LED lighting makes perfect sense – and in the poultry market, it can make a huge difference. In fact, the source reports that LED lighting can use up to 80 percent less energy than traditional poultry lighting – saving farmers big bucks while helping to save the environment.

"If we can reduce the amount of energy we need, I think that makes our industry more sustainable," Bill Roenigk, vice president of the National Chicken Council in Washington, told the source.

Since LED lights are so durable, they're the perfect choice for farmers – and for homeowners! Try LED rope lighting in your backyard for lighting that'll last you a decade without needing replacement or maintenance.

Because LED rope lights are so reliable, they can even stand up to extreme weather, which makes them perfect for backyards – whether you have poultry or not.

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