Outdoor String Lighting: How to Hang It

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Sep 20th 2021

Outdoor String Lighting: How to Hang It

Imagine a warm summer night. The sun is setting, the air is cooling down, the fireflies dot the air, and the crickets start their evening song. It's the perfect night to spend outdoors with a group of family and friends.

But what's one way to ensure that you can take your party far into the summer night? Outdoor string lighting, of course! This lighting can offer a warm glow that's the perfect accent to a backyard hang-out session.

Whether you're planning a barbecue or want to hang out by a bonfire, string lights are the ideal outdoor lighting. Here are a few tips for hanging these details perfectly.

Where Will You Hang the String Lights?

With string lights, you have near-limitless possibilities of where to hang them. Often connected by flexible materials, string lights can easily fit your space, no matter the size or configuration.

Here are a few ideas of where you can hang string lights in your backyard.

From a Tree

If you have a large tree featured in your backyard, why not try highlighting it with string lights. You can wrap string lights around the trunk or drape them across the branches.

This is a great option, especially if you have many trees. Using a few trees, you can drape string lights from one tree to another, creating a canopy of lights and leaves.

Around a Deck Railing

Use string lights on the railing of a deck or patio to create a cozy, enclosed space. These string lights will highlight this casual area and provide a soft glow while you're eating or relaxing.

Wrapped Around a Post

If you have a covered patio, wrap the string lights around the support post. You'll get a similar enveloping glow as wrapping them around a railing.

However, highlighting a post can create more of a statement, especially with tall columns.

Across Your Backyard

One of the most popular ways to feature string lights in your backyard is by draping them across the backyard. This gives the effect that every night is a starry night when you look up and see the light twinkling above you.

Backyard draping is great for anyone who enjoys entertaining in their backyard as this method will add lots of glowy, ambient light.

How to Hang String Lights Across A Large Space

Hanging string lights across your backyard will often require looking at your space. While you can apply the same basic method, you'll have to approach each backyard individually.

Here are the basic steps to take to hang outdoor string lights in your backyard.

Choose a Configuration

Take a look at your space. What structures or trees are present? Where do you plan to hang the string lights?

Do you plan to cross the entire backyard, or are you only looking for outdoor patio string lights? Are the lights going to cross the space in parallel lines, or are will the lights start at one point and fan out?

Decide first how you want your string lights to look before proceeding with the other steps.

Measure Your Space and String Light Length 

It's important to know the dimensions you're working with. You don't want to buy string lights that are too short for your space or long enough to have extra lights left over.

Before purchasing any string lights, measure your space. Measure how long or wide so you know how long your length of string lights will need to be.

With this measurement, you can now choose the length of your string lights. But first, you'll want to keep a few things in mind.

You will want at least 12 inches extra length to secure the lights to the mounting points and to reach your electrical source.

Unless you want your lights pulled taunt, you will also want to account for some give in your string lights. So add a few extra inches to allow the light to hang naturally.

Gather Materials

Now you'll want to gather your materials to hang your string lights.

Of course, you'll need to choose the lights you want to hang. If you live in a sunny area, outdoor solar string lights may be a great way to harness nature's power and save on energy costs.

If you want to customize the color of your area, outdoor LED string lights are a great option to light your backyard in a rainbow.

You'll also need screw hooks and tools to create an anchor for your lights.

Choose Anchor Points

Next, choose where you're going to anchor your lights. This may be the side of your house, a pole, or a tree. But you can use any stable, weighted fixture in your backyard as an anchor.

Heavy-duty structures do best as anchors, so they don't move from the tension of the lights. You also want the anchor to be made of a sturdy material enough to hold the anchor without ripping out.

Mount Hooks

The next step is to mount your hooks according to the instructions. The hooks may require in-wall anchors to keep them stable. You'll also want to keep the material you're mounting in mind.

A live tree and house siding may require different mounting hardware and methods.

Hang Your String Lights and Enjoy!

Now hang your string lights. It's best to plug them into the electrical source before hanging to ensure you leave enough room. Then slowly string the lights across your space, wrapping them around the anchor hooks for stability.

With all of your string lights hung up, set up your furniture, invite your friends and family, and enjoy a night out in your transformed backyard.

Enjoy Your Backyard with Outdoor String Lighting

Who doesn't want to spend a beautiful summer night sitting outside with their family and friends? Of course, no one wants their night to end early or end up blanketed in darkness when the party is just getting started.

That's why you should transform your backyard into the ultimate hangout area with outdoor string lighting. The right amount of string lights can bathe your backyard in a warm glow that's ideal for a casual night outside.

Ready to transform your home with the right lighting? Request a free lighting catalog to pick out the perfect lighting for your space today!