Outdoor Rope Lights: 8 Creative Ideas to Transform Your Business Display

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jan 28th 2019

Outdoor Rope Lights: 8 Creative Ideas to Transform Your Business Display

Nothing creates such a bad first impression as a horrible display. 

Thankfully, business owners don’t have to spend exorbitant amounts of money on outside displays. In fact, they can use some of the most basic and inexpensive materials available to create breath-taking designs that will draw customers. 

Chances are you have outdoor rope lights lying around in storage. Why not put them to use? You’ll be surprised at the amazing scenes you create. 

Are you ready to bedazzle passerby? Give these nifty decorating tricks a try.

8 Ways to Transform Your Business with Outdoor Rope Lights

The standard way of using rope lights is to light pathways and create words or designs in windows. While these are two fun and easy ways to spice up your company’s appearance, there are more creative methods to add the effect your business deserves.  

1. Lanterns

Lanterns manifest a beautiful and heartwarming atmosphere that immediately adds charm to your building. 

Create a pathway to your front door by hanging paper lanterns below the rope lights and looping the light through each lantern. 

The appeal to this design is its versatility. Business owners can use any number of company-related items to create lanterns, including baskets, wine bottles and more. It’s a great way to show off your wares. 

Even inexpensive additions, like Chinese paper lanterns, work well here and give your shop the perfect mystique to draw in customers. 

2. Customer Donations or Reviews

Do you have a contest for customers? Perhaps you have tons of reviews raving about your business? 

Use them to your advantage. Post a wall dedicated purely to your customers as a way to show your thanks, and illuminate it with rope lights. Choose a warm color to give a friendly vibe

Depending on your location, walls on either side of the entrance can be used to create this effect or you can use wood or leftover pallets. Staple, nail, or glue the photos to whatever board or wall you choose and string the lights between them.

Don’t forget to use all-weather photo paper!

3. Tulle Fabric

Tulle fabric is the mesh-net used on tutus and costumes. However, it makes an elegant entranceway when coupled with outdoor lighting. 

Gentle drapes boarding the doorway with white rope lighting beneath creates a fluttery, star-strewn effect. If your business has stairs or railings leading to it and is located in fair weather, even better.

Tie the material along the area, letting it drape elegantly down between each tied location. However, the possibilities don’t end there. 

Use the fabric to create any form you want. It can be tied into bowties, cut into flowers and wreaths or even made into small trees. If someone was inclined, he or she could make an entire tulle fabric garden alight with hidden rope lights as an entrance. 

4. Merchandise

Show off your wares by coiling rope lights within them. This is an easy, eye-catching method that advertises and creates a pleasant effect. 

Mason jars, bottles, pots, bowls and more make excellent merchandise that creates a mystical atmosphere. Set up an outside line of merchandise leading to the door or create an outside display with shelves and tables. 

If you have items on clearance or a sale, this tactic is also useful for bringing customers’ attention to the event.  

5. Light-Up Rug

If you’d like something simple but unusual, a light-up rug is an excellent choice. Crochet white or colored rope around your lights in a circle. The result is a simple and pretty design that gives a subtle glow.

Pick colors that complement your decor. White rope and yellow lights create a calm mood while colored ropes and white lights give a cheery ambiance. Blue lighting creates an electric atmosphere.

If you’d really like to add some flair, use color-changing rope lights to shake things up.

Place it at the entrance of your building to wow customers as they walk across it. 

6. Light Waterfall

Are you up for a dazzling display? Then this is the design you need. 

Purchase mirror garland, grab a spare curtain rod and shower hooks and prepare to see smiles on your customers’ faces. 

On the walls around the entrance or even on the door itself, place the rod and drape the mirror garland over the hooks at different lengths. Next, add the rope lights behind it by draping them in circles around the hooks. 

You’ll have a glittery, reflective wall that’s sure to catch many an eye. Contemplate a delicate sign beneath it or the store’s business hours. 

Depending on your entrance, this technique can make two glittering walls on either side of your customer as they walk in or it can be a simple design to bring attention to information or wares. 

Even better, small nails are an option in place of the rods and hooks.

7. Outside Chandeliers 

Literally light the way to the store’s door with outside chandeliers. You don’t need fancy glass or extravagant lights to do this. 

In fact, using hoola hoops, twigs, baskets or other items to create a chandelier is a viable and creative option. 

Wrap the lights around the item in whatever fashion you deem appropriate (don’t be afraid to let some of the lights dangle free) and hang it in the entranceway. 

Not only does this light the path to the store, but it also creates a fun exit. 

8. Garlands

Garlands are easy to make. Practically any material can create a garland. In this example, we suggest using greenery. 

Using fake plants brings a refreshing and welcoming decor to your doorstep.

Arrange your greenery and use wire to keep it together in the structure you’d prefer. Next, attach the rope light behind it, twisting it and turning it to achieve a more natural look. 

Add the greenery to your door or walkway for a natural and creative welcome. 

Shine the Light on Your Store

It’s time to shine the light on your store, and what better way to do it than with outdoor rope lights? These lights are inexpensive, they last for decades and they offer inexhaustible resources for future decorations. 

If you don’t have any rope lights in your store closets, now is the time to get them! Find the perfect decorating companion at our store, and light up your customers’ faces. 

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