Napa Maxwell Bridge now bathed in BetaLED lighting

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jun 21st 2011

Napa Maxwell Bridge now bathed in BetaLED lighting

The Napa Maxwell Bridge is one of the region's most impressive architectural landmarks, but even it was in need of a facelift. According to LEDs Magazine, the bridge will now be illuminated with 90 LED street lights that will reduce Napa's dependence on the power grid and reduce their energy needs by 31 percent.

While the new lighting project has many aesthetic benefits for the roadway, it will also improve safety of the many motorists who use it. LEDs are able to provide continuous light levels for the entire bridge, so drivers will not have to worry about excessive glare from old-style fixtures.

"The 90-LED LEDway street lights deliver enhanced color quality, uniformity and optimized illumination performance to help increase visibility and safety," Kevin Orth, vice president of sales for BetaLED, told the news source.

Napa is also planning to retrofit LED fixtures to 146 of the city's additional streetlights, which will save the city close to $23,000 a year.

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