Light Up Your Home’s Interior: 10 Tips for Decorating With Led Light Strips

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Feb 4th 2019

Light Up Your Home’s Interior: 10 Tips for Decorating With Led Light Strips

There’s something so magical about new lighting. Whether it’s an elegant foyer or bachelor pad, the glow of LED lighting brings any space to life.

Going where no halogen bulb has ever gone, LED lights also come in wide selection of colors, designs, and fixtures. They’re also projected to save $30 billion dollars in energy by 2027!

One of these energy-saving options are LED light strips. Not only do they use less power, but they work seamlessly with home decor. 

Read on for 10 creative ideas for decorating with LED light strips!

1. Make Safety Fun

Let’s start with priority #1 – safety. 

LED light strips are fantastic for illuminating dark, or potentially dangerous, areas of the home. These areas include your basement, garage, stairs, and attic.

Strip lights improve safety in senior bathrooms and kids bedrooms as well. Less fumbling in the dark means fewer slips and falls. 

2. LED Light Strips for Kids

For kids, LED light strips are especially fun. They’re reminiscent of those classic ground lights you find at the movie theater. 

Use strip lights as alternatives to nightlights. Plus, you can let the kiddos pick their own colors!

Here are a few more ideas kids love:

  • Install lights around windows to create ‘spaceship windows’
  • Create a light up ‘race track’ on the wall
  • Use glowing green lights in jungle bedroom themes
  • Create an ‘under-the-sea’ theme with blue lights

Glowing pink strip lights are also available to create magical princess bedrooms for kids. 

3. Create The Ultimate Gaming Room 

You can’t have a gaming room without cool lighting. 

Whether it’s lava lamps or mood lights, bold and creative lighting has always been a part of gaming room decor.  Even gaming chairs light up now!

LED light strips can be applied along the top, bottom, and corners of the walls to create a giant glowing cube of a room. 

Apply them around the edges of your TV stand and other gaming furniture to completely illuminate your gaming setup. The possibilities are endless here. 

4. Illuminate Your Garden

Glowing lights complement any garden, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. They’re also a hit with guests!

Wrap LED light strips around your palms and other indoor trees. Nestle them in your hanging ferns and ivy. 

Here are a few more ideas to dazzle up your indoor plants:

  • Line your pots and planters with sparkling strip lights
  • Create a glowing rainbow garden with multicolored lights
  • Decorate them with orange lights for Halloween
  • Wrap red, green, and white lights around trees during the holidays

For a subtle look, just add a touch of white lights here and there. 

5. Light Up Your Dinner Party

Love dining at night with mood lighting? You’re not the only one.

The LED lighting is ideal for transforming your dining room into a starry-night dinner party for your family and friends. 

Start by lining your dining room table with glowing strip lights. Then, lay a sheer, shimmering table cloth on top. This is a great way to add a soft, subtle glow to your table. 

You can even add twinkling strip lights to your centerpiece!

6. Decorate Your Mantle and Fireplace

Your mantle and fireplace are ideal places to let those home decor skills shine. 

Shake up your decorations every season with corresponding colors, plants, decorative items, and lights. For example, in fall, you could dress up your mantle with colorful autumn leaves, mini pumpkins, and warm-toned strip lights. 

For winter, decorate your mantle with leftover branches from your Christmas tree. Then, incorporate nutcrackers, ornaments, snow globes, and twinkling LED lights. 

Summer is the perfect time to go wild with palm trees, Dahlias, beach decor, and vibrant pink lights. 

7. Party Like It’s the 1980’s!

Nothing says “I love the 1980s” like fluorescent colors, lasers, and neon lights. 

Use LED light strips to create awesome neon signs, glowing squiggles, 1980s style lettering, and Miami Vice style palm trees on your wall. 

Line your 1980s video collection cases and favorite retro posters with fluorescent lights. And go back to the future with some of your favorite illuminated 1980s memorabilia, like Lite-Brite and glowworms. 

The 1980s were notorious for sweet light shows. Set up a projector in your home to create your own! You can also add a disco ball to reflect your LED lights.  

8. Give Your Bathroom a New Look

Earlier, you learned that strip lights can improve bathroom safety. This is especially true for seniors and young children. 

While they improve safety, LED lights also function as bathroom decor.

You’ll often find strip lights in the bathrooms of hotels, upscale restaurants, movie theaters, and other establishments. Why not incorporate them in your own bathroom?

A strip of LED lights around your bathroom mirror is a quick and easy way to give your bathroom that ‘vanity’ look. 

You can install strip lights inside your bathroom cabinets, drawers, and linen closets too. 

9. Brighten up Your Kitchen

Suffering from an uninspired kitchen?

Don’t remodel just yet. Sometimes all you need is new lighting to reinvigorate a kitchen. 

Start with installing an adjustable lighting system that goes from bright to mood lighting. Then, install strip lights under your cabinets, along the counter, inside your pantry, and on the ground. 

Make sure to install adequate lighting around your main cooking areas, especially your kitchen island. To make your island stand out during parties, line it with bright, colorful strip lights. 

A burst of new lighting may be just what you need to start cooking and entertaining again in your kitchen. 

10. Bring the Whole Family Together

Do you have a den or family room in your home? Inspire quality time again with illuminated decor. 

Install glowing LED light strips along your home entertainment furniture. You could even create a ‘mini movie theater’ complete with lighted walkways!

Keep it fun and let everyone partake in the decorating. This is the perfect place to let kids decorate to their heart’s content. 

Light the Way

You have tons of ideas at your disposal. Now, it’s time to let the fun begin!

Don’t wait to start decorating your home with versatile LED light strips. Take advantage of all the choices available to you to create beautiful, glowing decor. 

For even more ideas, check back often for lighting tips and tricks. Or, contact an LED lighting professional who can help you achieve your goals. 

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