LED strip lights: Outdoors

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 2nd 2011

LED STrip Lighting Outdoors

LED strip lights are fast becoming one of the most versatile lighting options on the market right now. Modern versions of this lighting wonder can be as little as 2.5 mm thick and can last for around 50,000 hours. LED strip lights are the ultimate lighting option for all those custom jobs that require a very precise amount of LED bulbs. As such, a strip can be cut every 2-4 inches and it can be installed almost 3 feet from a power source. This sort of advantage is very useful when you want to install your LED strip lights in a subtle manner. Another benefit is that it is waterproof and dust proof, which makes it perfect for outdoor use or in places where it could become vulnerable to the elements. The fact that it is also quite flexible and durable also helps with the installation. LED strip lights can be attached to virtually any surface due to the special adhesive that has been developed to give it a firm grip. The following are some of the basic ideas concerning the use of LED strip lights outside the house. Lighting inside a vehicle: With a slight modification and the right attachments, you can use your LED strip lights as viable alternative source of internal lighting for any vehicle. This is especially true for larger vehicles like an RV. Tree house: LED strip lights are perfect for a tree house because they require very little power and they can be installed virtually anywhere. You can also connect it to a solar panel to provide fully energy efficient lighting R/C toys: Remote controlled toys are fun to play with and with a few modifications; you can attach an LED strip light to your favorite remote controlled toys and make quite a spectacle. Outdoor swimming pool: LED strip lights are wonderful way to light up your outdoor pool and provide a warm glow that will be enhanced by the water. In addition, it can clearly mark the pool area, making it safer. LED strip lights have many practical uses; you can use them in any environment that requires safe and efficient lighting.

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