LED strip lights can provide a more sustainable form of illumination

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jan 30th 2012

LED strip lights can provide a more sustainable form of illumination

As more homeowners look to use LED strip lights and bulbs in their living spaces, manufacturers are developing more of these fixtures to profit from the demand. LED strip lights are ideal for decorative illumination because they can be typically cut to a specific size and be easily installed.

Acuity Brands, a company that specializes in energy-efficient lighting, has decided to shift its focus to LED strip lights in order to meet the demands of its customers. Recently, Acuity Brands announced a new line of LED strip lights that can be installed anywhere from bathrooms to kitchens. The Z Series, as it has been named, is low-maintenance and uses a limited amount of energy.

"We needed a fixture with a high lumen output for day-to-day activities, while being able to reduce the lumens for events and functions requiring lower light levels," said Dennis Paul, senior project manager with engineering consultant DC Engineering, which recently used the Z series. "The Z Series luminaire achieved these goals, while saving the project roughly 21 fixtures compared to fluorescent strip lights."

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has verified that LED lights have a longer lifespan than standard incandescents. This makes them ideal for homeowners who want to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

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