LED lighting technology can mimic changes in daylight

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Apr 26th 2012

LED lighting technology can mimic changes in daylight

Although modern incandescent lighting is bright and clear, it comes with some drawbacks – including its limited color spectrum. Unlike natural daylight, which shifts through tones throughout the day, other lights shine in only one shade all day long. That could change soon, thanks to LED technology.

Unlike incandescent light, LED lights can be programmed to shift along a spectrum throughout the day. That means that our lighting could soon wake us in the morning, keep us alert throughout the day and help us fall asleep, just like the sun does, says

Many of our body's natural rhythms are determined by changes in light throughout the day. "Our biology is dependent on the variability of light through the day and through the seasons," Gary Allen, a lighting physicist at GE, told the source.

While a color-changing bulb may be a few years out, you can enjoy the natural daylight tones of LED lighting in your home right now. LED rope lighting and LED T8 tube lights can easily replace the incandescent bulbs in your home with light that more closely approximates the sun, boosting mood and improving visibility.

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