LED Color Changing Lights: Creative Ways to Use Them

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Apr 26th 2019

LED Color Changing Lights: Creative Ways to Use Them

Lights are no longer a utilitarian afterthought. From sleep regulation to brilliant interior design, color changing lights are changing the playing field. Smart color lights and intelligent home gadgets have unlocked a vibrant spectrum of possibilities.

But you’re on the fence about installing RGB lights. Since they’re still an emerging technology, you might not know exactly what to do with them.

Don’t be so quick to write them off.

Stand out and improve your sleeping habits with some of these creative ways you can use color changing lights throughout your home.

1. Sleep Easy with Color Changing Lights

Our world is inundated with bright lights and flashing screens. These blue lights disrupt your circadian rhythm by impeding the production of melatonin, the hormone that puts your body to sleep.

Ironically, colored light can help. Orange, pink, and red lights have been shown to encourage a better night’s sleep.

Put a lamp with smart color bulbs in your bedroom. Schedule your lamp to provide a soft orange glow thirty minutes to an hour before bed and slowly fade to black.

With your own personal sunset, these soft colors can repair your circadian rhythm and tell your body it’s time for bed.

2. Schedule a Sunrise

Just like their sedative properties, colored lights can help you jumpstart your day. They’re a great modern solution to the jarring and panic-inducing screech of an angry alarm.

Program your bedside lamp to gradually shine a soft blue light. This will mimic the natural light of the sun and help you transition to a fully alert state. If your light is powerful enough, it could rouse you completely, without the need of an alarm clock.

Are you fond of hitting the snooze button? As an alternative to simulating a sunrise, utilize the color changing properties of your lamp to time your morning.

A green light could indicate you still have an hour before you absolutely must wake up. It could slowly transition to yellow, and then red, signifying that you need to stop snoring and get out of bed!

For those with dark alarm clocks or poor vision, these color indicators are a convenient way to keep track of the time without needing to keep an eye on the clock.

3. Set a Timer

Audio alarms aren’t pleasant, reliable, or convenient. Maybe you’re sneaking in a load of laundry late at night and don’t want to disturb your family. Or instead, you have your headphones on for work and can’t hear your alarm in the other room.

Say goodbye to the days of obnoxious beeps and whistles. With Alexa, you can prepare a visual timer near your workstation. This could be something as simple as a green LED strip above your monitor or along your desk.

When Alexa’s timer goes off, it can change the colors of your LED rope and alert you that it’s time to stop what you’re doing.

4. Enhance Your Interior Design

But that’s enough about alarms and timers. Colors are best used to stage a space and set a mood or atmosphere. And when it comes to improving interior lighting, color changing LEDs are the way of the future.

Spice up your accent walls with a splash of color. These could be as simple as color changing LED strip lights in the dining room.

Having a casual brunch? A soft white or blue sets the stage for an airy get-together with friends. Or for a romantic dinner, change the lights on your accent wall to an orange or light red.

Is it time for a movie? Decorative neon strips can cover your walls in simple geometric shapes. Sharp blues and reds can really mimic the atmosphere of a movie theater. When not in use, they can provide backlight with ordinary white light.

Don’t be afraid to indulge. LEDs last 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs and are almost seven times more energy efficient. They’ll hardly dent your electric bill, and they’ll last for several years before you should consider ordering replacement lights.

5. Take Control of Seasonal Decorations

During the holidays, nobody is a stranger to lights flashing with green and red. But these decorations aren’t true color changing lights. Instead, the bulbs alternate and flicker on and off.

With RGB rope lights, you can take better control of your seasonal decorations. You can wirelessly select their colors, patterns, and flashing speed.

These lights are best used as outdoor decorations. Line your walkway and home and fiddle with the aesthetic to your heart’s content.

Having a Christmas party? Use LED color changing light bulbs to turn your party space red and green and get in the holiday spirit.

Since these ropes offer you more control than their simple counterparts, they don’t only have to be used for the holidays. Once the season is over, you can take them back inside for home use, such as lighting a walkway from your bedroom to the bathroom.

Live Your Life in Color

There are more ways to introduce color changing lights to your life than there are colors in the rainbow. The list extends far beyond visual clocks, sleeping aids, and decorative twists.

Add a splash of color in your life and indulge the senses with something more than your typical lighting systems. You’ll impress your neighbors — and yourself — with rich smart colors.

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