Interview with Birddog Lighting CEO Josh Knoedler

Posted by Birddog Lighting on May 6th 2011

Birddog Lighting Inc. is committed to providing quality LED rope lights and other lighting products at unbeatable prices. They value each individual customer and strive to treat each one as if they are the only one. To them, the customer’s needs are the first priority and customer satisfaction is the bottom line by which we measure our success.

Josh Knoedler , President/CEO of Birddog Lighting Inc. offers his expert opinion on the Decorative Lighting industry.

Q: Could you give a brief sketch of your background and industry experience?

John Knoedler: Our company has extensive knowledge in 2 niche industries. One is the accent and decorative lighting industry with particular interest in rope lighting. Our knowledgeable staff can provide assistance with design, efficiency, installation, and troubleshooting. The other is the less known bicycle engine kit market, where we distribute kits to convert ordinary bicycles into a gas powered scooter. Our on site mechanic is able to answer questions about virtually any problem related to our engine kits.

Q: Your company makes and sells LED Rope Lighting. Would you explain what LED stands for?

JK: LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. An LED is a solid state semiconductor light source.

Q: Could you explain how LED lights are preferable to regular incandescent lighting?

JK: LED’s offer many advantages over standard incandescent and fluorescent lighting. The most significant advantage is the energy savings. Most incandescent lights expend much of the energy they consume as heat rather than visible light. LED’s are highly efficient and give off very little heat. Other advantages include longer life, better durability, greater reliability, faster switching (on/off), and compact size.

Q: It is obvious the Rope lighting would be a good replacement for traditional Christmas lighting but what are some other applications for your rope lights?

JK: The flexibility and versatility of rope lights are what make them an ideal choice for almost any application. The ability to customize the length and shape of the rope lighting make it an ideal solution for home owners and businesses alike. A few of the applications include under/over cabinet lighting, crown mold lighting, deck or railing light, tree lighting, outline lighting for buildings, signs, walkways, theater lighting, weddings/special events, vending machines, automobiles, buses, airplanes, boats, RV’s, bar lighting, curbing, set designs, stairs accents, and many more.

Q: How does your product come packaged? I gather they don’t come in light count strands like old fashioned Christmas lights.

JK: Our LED rope lights come packaged in boxes with spools of either 164′ or 65′ and have a power cord pre-attached. Each box contains an accessory kit of commonly used accessories. In addition to bulk spools, our LED rope lights are also available in a custom cut length. The customer provides the measurements and we cut and connect the product so that it ready to use by the consumer.

Q: Could you give us an idea about the complexities of installing LED Rope Lighting?

JK: LED rope lights are simple to use and install. Each spool includes how-to instructions with pictures. In general rope light can be mounted to a surface using the included mounting clips, by purchasing rigid mounting track, by using zip ties, or by utilizing special suction cups.

Q: What technological developments do you foresee in your industry over the next few years?

JK: Lighting is a vast and ever changing industry for which there will always be demand. We foresee LED lighting becoming an everyday household product within the next 5 – 10 years. As manufacturing costs continue to fall (one of the few disadvantages of LEDs), more and more people will realize the benefit of led rope lighting and other LED products yet to come.

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