How to Use Indoor Fairy Lights to Beautify Your Home

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jan 10th 2022

How to Use Indoor Fairy Lights to Beautify Your Home

Picture a beautiful garden party or backyard movie night that sparkles with beautiful string lights.

Whether you've had a party like this, been to one, or seen these decorations in movies, you'll know that the right lighting can make the difference between boring decor and a warm and inviting space.

Wouldn't it be great to bring that magic inside your home?

Indoor fairy lights are the perfect way to make your home sparkle with coziness and add some extra flair to even the most minimalist surroundings.

So if you're ready to amp up your home decor with indoor fairy lights, keep reading. We've got the top tips to help you use your lights in a creative yet appealing way.

Light Up a Plain Wall

Huge, fancy paintings or bright paint colors aren't the only ways to make a plain wall stand out.

If you have a dark or plain wall or corner, an indoor fairy light is a perfect way to make a statement without committing to something as permanent as paint. 

If you have a plain corner, consider adding a bundle of lights to it. You can do this by adding a hook to the ceiling or wall and then hanging the fairy lights from it.

If you have an entire bare wall that you want to spice up, then LED wall curtain lights are the way to go. Not only do these add warmth to a room, but they make great ambiance lights for movie night or dinner, especially if you dim your living room or dining room lights. 

Put Them in a Mason Jar

If you're unsure of how to use indoor fairy lights, then start by bundling them up and putting them in a mason jar.

Adding lights to a mason jar creates a lovely effect that makes your house look like it came out of a movie. Not only do these jars make great modern lanterns, but you can use them for themed decor if you have guests over for dinner or a party.

Keep in mind that if you use fairy lights that need to be plugged in (ones that don't use a battery), then make sure to place the jar somewhere near the power source so you can hide the cable.

For best results, you'll also want to use a clear jar so that the color of the lights comes through.

If you don't have a mason jar, you can use any clear vase or bowl. This is also a great way to get more use out of vases that you got as a gift but never used.

Make a Photo Display

One of the best indoor fairy light ideas is to create a polaroid display on your wall. 

Not only does this give the room a vintage vibe, but it's a super creative way to put up your favorite photos with loved ones.

First, gather all your polaroids and decide on where you want to put them. Next, think about how you'd like to arrange them.

Some of the most popular ways include attaching the polaroid to bunting using clothespins or pinning the photos to a corkboard.

Once you've put up the photos, you can decorate them with fairy lights. If you opt for a corkboard display, you could string the fairy lights around the board. 

If you use bunting and safety pins, you can string the lights between the photos for a beautiful and sparkling display that will catch the attention of all your guests.

Highlight a Bookshelf or Door Frame

If you're an avid reader, then why not highlight your bookshelf with a few sets of string lights? 

You could either string the lights up around the bookshelf or add some lights at the back of your shelf to highlight your books.

If you don't have too many shelves in your home, then you could string the lights around a door frame instead. 

And if your door frame or shelf isn't near an electrical outlet, then consider getting a battery-powered light set for your room.

Create a Starry Staircase

One of the best indoor fairy light tips for practical use is winding the lights around your staircase.

This is a great option if you have family staying with you, especially if they're children or elderly parents. The extra light will make it easier for them to go up and down the stairs, especially at night.

To add fairy lights to your staircase, wind them around the railing and rungs of the side of the staircase. Always be sure to plug the lights in where no one can trip on the string or use battery-powered lights.

Brighten Up a Kid's Room

Fairy lights are also a great way to add some light and even color to a kid's room.

Since kids grow up so quickly (and change their minds just as quickly), you may not want to invest in costly painting or furniture costs just to add color.

Instead, use fairy lights to add some color and warmth to your kid's room. You can use them to create fun shapes on the wall, add your own DIY paper embellishments, or get lights in your kid's favorite color.

Just be sure to read the indoor fairy light guide that comes with them to make sure that the lights are safe for your kids' ages.

Add Some Magic to Your Home With Indoor Fairy Lights

Indoor fairy lights can be just what your home needed to transform its decor into a cozy and welcoming interior.

Remember that there are endless ways to use fairy lights because they're so flexible. Make sure to keep experimenting to find the arrangement that works best for your interior design style and home layout. 

For even more lighting ideas, you'll love our diverse catalog.

Whether you need curtain lights to hang on a wall or fairy lights to put in a jar, Birddog Lighting has everything you need. Be sure to out our catalog of LED string lights today!

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