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How to Choose the Right LED Flood Lights for Your Home or Business

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Oct 25th 2021

How to Choose the Right LED Flood Lights for Your Home or Business

LED lights use at least 75% less energy than older style bulbs.

This lack of energy use opens up a lot of options when you want to use LED lights in your home, business, or even if you’re out for an enjoyable weekend. Whereas older lights would have cost a lot of money or been a big hassle, LED flood lights are simple, easy, and fun. 

LED Flood Lights 

Flood lights are designed to bathe an entire area in light. They “flood” the area with a wider angle of lighting than other, directional lights. Since LEDs are so bright they work great to illuminate outside areas, making outdoor LED flood lights a favorite to accentuate a home or illuminate a campsite. 

Many LED flood lights come with stands that allow you to raise the angle of the lighting. Instead of relying only on the ground level of fixed lighting. If you’re looking into something that can be versatile, look into adjustable stand lighting, it can make a big difference in how you use your flood lights. 

Using LED lighting has changed a lot about the cost, number, and positioning of outdoor lighting. They are brighter than old incandescent bulbs and last 3x or more longer than fluorescent bulbs. This means you can light an area and forget about it, or at least, not worry about your bulbs dying on you. 

What’s Right For You? 

When you have to choose what kind of LED flood lights you are going to use, it comes down to what you are hoping to achieve. There are many kinds of LED lighting options that you can use, but flood lights, in particular, are best used to illuminate an area that you expect to be active in or want to draw a lot of attention to. 

Only you can decide how you want to use them, but many people find LED flood lights perfect for outdoor camping situations, or exterior illumination of a yard or other entertaining area. In general, the number of fixtures you need, and the color you want them to be, will be big considerations. 

How Much Illumination?

The amount of light that your LED flood lights put out will be measured in lumens. The higher this number, the brighter the light will be. If you’re trying to light up a shoreline or a pond or lake, you’d want more, if you only need to illuminate a small patch of your yard, you’ll need less. 

Be careful when deciding which flood lights you’ll use because the number of lumens can make a big difference in practical lighting effects. You don’t want to blind guests, but neither do you want to make it so dim that no one can see what they’re doing. Ask to test or look at demonstrations of various levels of illumination. 

Power Usage 

While LEDs do use far less energy than other lighting options, there are variations. Make sure to study the wattage of the flood lights that you’re interested in. The lower the number, the more energy-efficient the lighting is. 

Remember, wattage doesn’t equal brightness, lumens do. This means that you are looking at the power consumption of the bulbs when you see watts, not the brightness. This can be confusing since older lights were often judged by wattage since their wattage and brightness were linked.

A side fact, but one which is very handy to know, is that with LEDs they use so much less power and the way they light doesn’t cause heating issues. This means you won’t have to worry about your lights starting a fire. With lifetimes that last into the 25,000-hour range, you won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving them on either. 

Other Gadgets 

When it comes to LED lighting, you have a lot of options. Your exterior LED flood lights can do just about anything you want them to, supposing you purchase the right ones. If you’re interested in having motion sensors, that is easy, and the brightness will help to alert you to anyone approaching. 

If you want lights that follow and pulse with music, that is easy to get as well. The choices that come with LED lights are almost endless. Just make sure that you don’t choose gadgets over function because having a bright, well-lit exterior can be more than just enjoyable, it can be a safety concern as well. 

If you want to have direct control, you can even use a controller with the lights you’ve installed. This will give you the ability to manually adjust what the lights are doing and when they are doing it. This can be a great thing for parties, or outdoor fun with friends and family during the summer. 

Have a Plan 

When you begin your journey to purchasing LED lights, make sure that you begin with understanding what you want and how to get it. Having a plan will make the journey much easier, and with so many options you won’t overspend on impulse. It will also ensure that you have exactly what you need. 

Consider the amount of lightning you will need based on what you’re going to be doing with the lights. If you’re just trying to light up a small area of your yard versus a massive area of a campsite all of your choices will be different. Look into the differences between the LED outdoor flood light bulbs you’re considering carefully. 

Lights Can Help You Enjoy Life

Having the proper lighting and making good choices while purchasing the lighting can really help improve any outdoor experience. During spring and summer, when the days are warm and the nights are nice, having the lighting you need will make the difference between ending early and having fun all night long. 

No matter what experience you’re looking to accentuate, Birddog Lighting is here to help you. Get a hold of us and take a peek at our free catalog. There’s a good chance we have what you need, or we can help make sure that you get what you’re looking for.