How to Choose and Care for Christmas Inflatables

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Dec 6th 2021

How to Choose and Care for Christmas Inflatables

Americans spend over a huge $6 billion on Christmas decorations every year.

Your share of the spending can fetch you a few nice lights and a tree. But, If you're searching for something a bit more exciting, Christmas inflatables are a fantastic option. They're simple to assemble and inflate, taking only a few minutes, no more getting up on the roof for hours at a time.

Read on to learn more about Christmas inflatables and how to pick the best inflatable for your home.

A Little About a Bold Christmas Statement

Christmas inflatables provide your yard a distinct look that will entice passers-by to take a closer look. It also enhances the overall look of your outdoor Christmas lighting.

A few things to bear in mind if you're planning to buy Christmas inflatables for your yard. 

Since most Christmas inflatables are water-resistant, you won't be complaining about them getting wet or snowed on. Consider having to deflate your inflatable every time it snowed. That wouldn't make for a lovely ornament, would it? Of course, they may not survive a blizzard, but they are harder than they look.

A powerful fan inflates the giant inflatable displays. For the decoration to self-inflate, you'll have to power it on. Bear that in mind while you search for a location to set things up. 

A large number of inflatable decor will be able to light up. As a result, these decorations are ideal for use at nighttime. The black, dark sky will pair well with your brilliantly colored Christmas decorations.

Christmas inflatables endure for ages, so you'll get a lot of use out of them.

How to Choose Christmas inflatables

There are various sizes of Christmas inflatables available. Get one that best meets your requirements. It can be tempting to opt for the biggest one available, but they often don't fit in the right spot in your yard.

For example, if you have a tree trunk in your front lawn and this is the only place your inflatable can go, you definitely wouldn't want one that's too large to fit between the limbs. Ensure the size of your inflatable is suitable for your location when you light up the yard.

Finding the Ideal Location

You'll need to locate a suitable location for your new décor. There are a few things to note to avoid damaging your Christmas inflatable. 

Ensure your inflatable doesn't come into contact with any bushes, shrubs, or plants. These items have the potential to ruin your inflatable by punching a hole in it, causing it to deflate.

In terms of powering your decoration, you'll need to make sure there's a power connection nearby. It doesn't have to be directly beside your inflatable; just close enough to utilize an electrical extension cord if necessary. 

Above all, ensure that your Christmas inflatable is visible. That is the point of having one, after all.

Before Inflation, Set up Your Christmas Inflatable

Retrieve your Christmas inflatable from the package.

Don't discard the box; it'll come in handy when it's time to store your inflatable for next year.

Distribute the inflatable out on the floor and ensure no sharp objects are near, such as branches, that might cause your inflatable to pop.

Secondly, look for any leashes or anchors that will help to keep the inflatable stable.

When you inflate it, place the stabilizers on the floor. It will keep it from moving or blowing away as you extend it. The wind will press on the decoration after it is blown. It's much simpler to attach it to the floor when the wind isn't blowing it around.

Inflate Your Christmas Decoration

You may bring the whole decoration to life in only a few minutes. This section is pretty straightforward and uncomplicated. 

All you have to do now is connect power to the inflatable once anchored into the floor. The built-in fan will start filling up your Christmas inflatable once it is turned on. There's an issue if your inflatable doesn't get air after being connected. Make doubly sure nothing is obstructing the fan. 

Also, make sure there aren't any places where air may escape. It might be due to a hole or a decorative element such as an unzipped zipper. You can make patches over broken spots, and many inflatables come with a few patches just in case.

Electricity Usage

Inflatables, on the whole, don't require a lot of electricity. They often consume the same quantity of power as a ceiling light for your roof or a pedestal fan. Some experts advise against leaving your inflatable connected in for more than eight hours as the motor can sometimes overheat. 

The majority of inflatable owners will leave them disconnected throughout the day and reconnect them at nighttime. You can see the inflatables glow up the Christmas lights in this way.

Care and Maintenance

If your Christmas inflatables become filthy, they are effortless to clean. 

Deflate, then thoroughly clean your décor with a moist wash towel. If you use aggressive detergents or cleansers, you may damage the fabric. 

Wash and dry your Christmas inflatable before putting it away for storing to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. You may readily repair minor rips or breaks in your inflatable with a sewing needle or a small amount of sticky tape.

Using More Than One Inflatable Christmas Decoration

Make a rough sketch or layout of how far it will go if you employ many Christmas inflatables. Keep in mind each inflatable has enough space to fully inflate without colliding with the other, a branch, or anything else. 

To guarantee everything matches, check each inflatable and your lawn. If required, make changes to your layout. Figuring out where everything will go ahead of time will help the installation go much more quickly.

Go Out and Get It

Inflatable Christmas decorations are an excellent way to celebrate the season. They're one-of-a-kind, festive, and entertaining to gaze at. 

People enjoy viewing large-scale versions of Rudolph, Santa, and Snow. If you're considering obtaining holiday inflatables for Christmas, remember all the necessary precautions to ensure that it's properly configured and that nothing causes an issue. 

Planning would save you time and effort because you'll know how to properly set up the best Christmas inflatables and treat your inflatable properly so that it lasts for a long time. We also have plenty of other holiday decorations available check them out too.

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