How Led Grow Lights Are Taking the Cannabis Industry to a New High

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jul 25th 2018

How Led Grow Lights Are Taking the Cannabis Industry to a New High

When’s the last time you met someone with 29 fridges running in one room? Sure, it seems like a waste, but an indoor grow of four plants uses just as much energy.

I don’t think anyone wants to pay that electricity bill, however, we have a creative solution that could save you a different kind of green. With one-third of cannabis plants being grown indoors, its fair to say that someone’s cracked the code on the ideal indoor growing conditions.

Enter LED grow lights.

LED grow lights are the hottest trend hitting the cannabis industry. They’re energy efficient, cost-saving, and most importantly, yield-increasing.

It’s no coincidence that LED rhymes with weed. Let’s dive into why growers across the country are using LED lights for marijuana growth and their advantages over traditional grow lights.

What are LED Grow Lights?

Grow lights are a type of artificial lighting that mimics natural sunlight which therefore triggers photosynthesis in plants. Indoor gardens and grow facilities across the country are using these types of lights because they have proved to be the most efficient when compared to traditional lights.

The options for grow lights are plentiful with lighting distributors providing different types of lamps: high-intensity discharge (HID), compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), metal-halide, high-pressure sodium lights, and most notably, light emitting diodes (LEDs).

Everyone knows that switching from incandescent bulbs to energy efficient bulbs like LEDs or CFLs is great for your household electricity bill, but why should your business lighting be any different?

Read on to discover the advantages of LEDs for growing weed that expands beyond your budget.

Advantages of LED Grow Lights

We know light bulbs aren’t the most interesting topic, and we certainly don’t suggest rattling off all the facts you’re about to learn at your next cocktail party. What if we told you that LED lights are not only better for the world, but better for your plants?

Basically, we mean you can yield more weed with LEDs. Yep, lightbulbs just got a lot more interesting.

1. Product Yield

When it comes to the yield of your cannabis, some things are out of your control, like the genetics of the plant. However, aside from that and your training in indoor growing, there are other factors you can completely control. Lighting is one of them.

LED lights are the most cutting-edge light technology to hit the cannabis scene. LED manufacturers have created special lenses to penetrate the plants, resulting in an increased yield. These newer LED lights have a wider spectrum of light that produces healthier looking buds.

When it comes to color, the wavelength of LED grow lights filter out the colors that plants don’t use, such as the green and yellow light that traditional lights produce.

Many growers swear that after switching to LED grow lights for cannabis, their plants have increased in density and potency as well as reporting a more increased smell and taste.

2. Energy Efficient Helps Your Budget

Keeping up with a greenhouse takes a lot of work–and energy. Maintaining the proper temperature and atmosphere can be costly, but with LED lights you’ll have less work and fewer bills.

LEDs are more efficient than its competitors a few reasons. For starters, for the same light output, LEDs use drastically less energy. LED lights consume 60% less energy than lights with the same output which translates directly into a smaller electricity bill.

LED lights, unlike their competitor, stay cool by producing a high-quality, not quantity, stream of light. Less heat means you save on your cooling/ventilation system bill and won’t have to work hard to account for the heat given off by traditional grow lights.

3. The Lifespan of LED Grow Lights

One of the biggest complaints about traditional lighting, is that you’re constantly changing bulbs. LED grow lights are different.

The lifespan of LED grow lights is incredible lasting anywhere between 50,000-100,000 hours. This makes them the best choice of weed growing light if you plan to do this for a long time.

LEDs run cool, avoiding burnouts and saves you from purchasing expensive replacement bulbs. Reducing the heat is one of the best ways to save on both replacement lighting costs and also on your electricity bill.

4. LED Grow Lights are Less Work

Unlike their competitor lights, once you set up your LED grow lights, you no longer have to adjust the lights. Other grow lights require different amounts of lights during the varied growing process of cannabis, however, LED lights for growing provide everything your plant needs through the entire stage of its life.

At this point, we’re convinced that LEDs are the best choice in grow lights. Before we go any further, there are a few things to consider when choosing LEDs.

Choosing your LED Grow Lights

When it comes to deciding on the right LED lights for your indoor grow, its a decision only you can make. Before you buy, be sure to do your research consider the following criteria of your lights: the quality, quantity, size, output, and color.

Now that you know the cold hard facts behind why LED lights for growing cannabis is superior to the traditional grow lights, its time to make the switch.

Will You Switch To LED Grow Lights?

Sure THC is great, but have you experienced the high of saving on your electricity bill? LEDs are not only friendly to the environment, nice to your checkbook, but they’re also your plant’s preferred choice.

Check us out here to switch you’re current grow lights to LED grow lights to not only save on your electricity bill but increase your plant yield.

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