Harley-Davidson showcases LED accessories

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Apr 25th 2012

Harley-Davidson showcases LED accessories

LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular for use in vehicles – and not just the four-wheeled variety, either. Harley-Davidson recently launched a new website called Own the Night designed to house all of the LED accessories available for its motorcycles, reports UltimateMotorcycling.

Some of the accessories available on the site are headlights, taillights, auxiliary lamps, turn signals and other necessities and add-ons. All the merchandise items feature light-emitting diodes, which produce a cool, natural glow that’s ideal for night riding. And since LEDs can last for more than a decade without maintenance or replacement, they’re great even for the most daring riders. LED accessories for Harley-Davidson motorcycles are also shock- and vibration-resistant.

Even if you’re not into hogs, you can still enjoy LED lighting. In fact, your current vehicle – be it a Lincoln, Audi, Ford or any other make – may already feature LEDs in its exterior or even interior lighting.

You can add some LED lighting to your vehicle with strip lighting, which is perfect for the glovebox, trunk and anywhere else you need illumination!

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