Grocery stores find that LEDs make food more appealing

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Mar 9th 2011

Grocery stores find that LEDs make food more appealing

As more and more businesses continue to discover the energy-saving and aesthetic appeal of LED lighting, grocery stores have already seen hard evidence of all that it can do. Grocers all over the country have found that LED lighting will enhance the look of fruits, vegetables and meats, according to

The Star Market, a Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts grocery chain made the switch to all LED lighting in October 2009 and has enjoyed cutting costs from maintenance and utility costs. But above all, they have witnessed a noticeable change in how the food looks.

"It really makes the food pop compared to a fluorescent light," Liam Flanagan, store director for Star Market, told the news source. "A few customers commented saying the fruit looks more colorful than other stores."

In addition to fixtures, many grocery stores have found that using LED rope lighting is an inexpensive way to spruce up their display cases and shelving. The energy savings as compared to incandescents makes this kind of decorating a reality for businesses.

According to, the United States purchases about 2 billion residential light bulbs a year or about 5.5 million bulbs a day.  

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