Creative Ways to Use LED Rope Lighting in Your Garden

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Oct 15th 2016

Creative Ways to Use LED Rope Lighting in Your Garden

Working lights into your décor is a great way to enhance the elements in your home and garden. You’ll find lots of homeowners using strip LED lights, while others opt for LED rope lighting, especially in their landscaping. If you take pride in your garden, why not add accent lights to showcase your green thumb? And better yet, you can wrap rope lighting throughout the landscape to make it really pop! Let’s review some ways you can add LED rope lights to your home or business garden tastefully.

Highlight Your Outdoor Walkways

You invested in stones or pavement for a walkway through your garden to your front door. This was a great move, but doesn’t have to end there. Rope lights can really help add some color to your home. You can find rope lights in a variety of shades, allowing you to prepare your lawn for the holidays and color-themed occasions with ease. Others go with the simple white or yellow lights for nightly decoration. Adding lights to your walkway will also prove functional, helping to illuminate the path, preventing trips and falls.

Highlight Your Steps or Stairs

This can be done for your front porch, backyard patio or pool deck. This too can help make climbing up and down stairs safer for residents and guests. Just make sure the lighting is fixed so that no one accidentally trips over the rope.

Speed Up Seed Germination

This is an unconventional way to use LED rope lights, but can be very effective if you’re an avid gardener. If you grow your own plants and flowers from the seed, then you know how important it is for seeds to have the right conditions to grow. You can use these lights to create a heating mat to help get your seeds to better develop their roots.

Add Lights to Your Deck

Another way to spruce up your deck is to wrap the rope LED lights around the rails of your patio. You can also place lights underneath built in seats. There are many ways you can enhance the look of your deck by adding these gorgeous lights!

Accentuate Your Pool

If you have an in-ground pool that you use personally or even to host parties, why not add some new, incredible lighting? You may have already added lighting inside of the pool, so now it’s time to do the same for the outside. You can easily wrap the rope lights around the pool to outline it in a warm glow.

Wrap Lights Around Trees

Your garden likely has a few trees that can be used as décor. You can wrap the lights around the trunks and branches of the trees on your lawn to add some flare to your landscape. Try out different colors to see which of them looks the best with your exterior home décor.

Make Light Spheres

Another way to incorporate your trees in your lighting design is to create spheres with the ropes and hang them from the branches of the trees. This will create a beautiful essence to your lawn. It’s a great way to decorate your landscape for parties or to entice the passersby.

Make Designs Out of Lights

You can really get creative with your LED rope lighting by making beautiful designs with them, such as flowers and animals or a light tree. Just wrap the rope lights around a tomato cage to add allure at an outdoor party. You can also use fences or wire frames to create other lighting masterpieces. During the winter holidays, you’ll find neighbors illuminating reindeer, stars and wreathes.

Outline Your Garden Beds

The idea here is to add lights to your garden, so why not showcase your beautiful growing plants by outlining the beds they’re planted in? You can easily place the rope lights on the edges of the beds, giving it clean and crisp appeal. This will definitely draw the attention of your visitors and guests. Rope LED lights are useful in many ways. You can use them for both design and safety purposes. Lighting continues to be an effective way to add some spice to your home décor, both inside and outside. Hopefully, you can use these tips to help make your home garden a piece of eye candy.

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