Can You Cut RGB LED Strip Lights?

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jun 28th 2024

Can You Cut RGB LED Strip Lights?

Whether outfitting a gaming setup, under-cabinet lighting, or custom artwork, you may wonder about cutting the lights you want to add. You can safely cut RBG LED strip lights, as long as you know where to make the cut and what tools to use. Learn how to tailor your lighting to fit any space perfectly. Let's explore the possibilities!

Understanding LED Strip Lights

RBG LED strip lights continue to rise in popularity thanks to their versatility and efficiency. The application possibilities are endless since the module used in this type of light can produce nearly any color. With flexible circuit boards, the lights feature small LED components mounted all along them.

A typical LED strip light is about half an inch wide and 16 feet long. While the strip might provide excellent lighting for your indoor or outdoor space, you’ll likely need to modify the length to get the exact fit.

Reasons for Cutting LED Strip Lights

Surfaces such as walls, tables, and cabinets in your home or business come in various sizes and functions, often needing LED light strips of different lengths. The simple solution is to cut the strips to fit. Here are some reasons you might need to cut them.

  • Custom Fit: You can cut LED RGB light strips to fit unique spaces or around obstacles.
  • Versatility: Easily customize under-cabinet, staircase, or mirror lighting.
  • Aesthetics: Cut the strips to fit the exact size of the space to achieve a cleaner, tailored look.
  • Reduce Waste: Cut long rolls to the needed length, reducing waste and cost.
  • Control: Highlight features or create mood lighting by positioning cut strips just right.
  • Easy Repairs: Fix damaged sections by cutting and replacing only the broken parts.
  • Expandability: Start small and expand later by cutting additional strips as needed.

Steps to Cut LED Strip Lights

You have your roll of light strips in hand, ready to set them up, but how on earth will you cut them? Good news: The strips often have designated cutting points marked by a line or a small scissor icon. Knowing how to cut RGB LED strip lights is straightforward. Here’s how you do it:

  1. First, locate the cutting point closest to your desired length.
  2. Turn off the power to the strip before cutting.
  3. Carefully cut along the marked line with a sharp pair of scissors or a rope light cutter.
  4. After cutting, attach connectors or solder wires to the ends to keep them functional.
  5. Seal with silicone/adhesive melt tape and heat shrink for a waterproof seal.

You can also reference the product instructions for specific guidelines.

Take Safety Precautions

Once you’ve finished snipping your RGB LED strip lights, the next important step is testing. You don’t want to find out after installing them that something went wrong.

Connect your LED strip to a power source and check for sections that are flickering or not lighting up at all. Double-check that all your connectors are snug and secure. If you’ve done any soldering, make sure those solder points are solid, as loose or weak solder points can often be the culprits behind faulty LED strips.

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FAQs About Cutting RGB LED Lights

We’ve explained how to cut RGB LED strip lights, but here are answers to your other questions.

Do Led Strip Lights Still Work When Cut?

You can cut RGB LED strip lights into several sections of different lengths, which will still work as long as you cut along the designated lines. Cutting off the lines could cause them to malfunction.

Is It Safe to Cut RGB Lights?

It's safe to cut RGB lights if you follow the cut lines marked on the strip. Always turn the power off when you cut RGB LED strip lights to prevent electric shock.

Can You Reconnect Led Strip Lights After Cutting?

Connectors or soldering allow you to reconnect LED strip lights after cutting, offering the option to customize and extend the length of your RGB LED strip lights.

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