Benefits of Using Integrated LED Lighting in Your Home

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Apr 26th 2021

Benefits of Using Integrated LED Lighting in Your Home

LED lighting has become an increasingly popular lighting choice in recent years because of its energy-saving properties.

In fact, the United States government estimates that by 2027, the country will save 348 terra-watt hours by using LED lights. That's about the same energy that 44 power plants produce in a year. 

LED light bulbs last a long time and have a lot of benefits, but you still have to change them eventually. Integrated LED lights take all of the benefits of LED light bulbs and eliminate the hassle of changing the bulbs.

Keep reading to find out how integrated LED lighting can make your life easier while it makes your home brighter.

What Are Integrated LED Lights?

LED lights were invented in the 1960s and have been consistently used in homes and commercial buildings since 2008. However, most of the LED bulbs that exist on the market are designed to work in light fixtures that were made for incandescent bulbs.

So what is an integrated LED light? It's a light fixture that was designed specifically for LED light, with the bulb built into the fixture. Not only does this mean you never have to change the bulb, it means that the whole fixture works better. 

Any light fixture with a built-in LED light is an integrated LED light. You can find them for indoor and outdoor use and in dozens of shapes and configurations. But what are the benefits of these lights?

Energy Savings

Because they are meant to last, integrated LED light bulb replacement isn't necessary. The life of the bulb is the same as the life of the fixture. 

Integrated LED lights last an average of 30,000 hours, so even if you never turned the light off it would still work for longer than three years. If you're using the light for about six hours a day, that's fourteen years of use from the same fixture.

In fourteen years, you would need thirty incandescent bulbs for the same number of hours of light. LED bulbs use at least 75% less energy than incandescents, so the amount of energy you'd save from one integrated LED light fixture would be enormous over those years. 

These energy savings translate directly to savings on your energy bill. Using less energy means you'll pay for less energy. You'll recoup the money you spent on new fixtures with energy savings before you know it.

Size and Shape Flexibility

The way LED lights work makes them uniquely flexible. The light in an LED bulb comes from electrons moving in a semiconductor material. Electrons are microscopically tiny, so unlike an incandescent bulb, LED bulbs can be very small. 

With LEDs, you aren't limited to floor lamps or overhead fixtures. You can use integrated LED track lighting to illuminate hard-to-see areas all over your home, like under cabinets or along the base of your hallways or stairs. 

LEDs aren't limited by size, either. You can get full-power LED lights. Integrated LED ceiling lights are just as bright as their incandescent counterparts, if not brighter. There are integrated LED fixtures for every part of your home.

Fit for Anywhere

Inside your home isn't the only place integrated LEDs can shine. The exterior materials of an integrated LED light don't have to be fragile, like glass lightbulbs. If the casing is weatherproof, you can use integrated LED lights outdoors as well.

Integrated LED lights make excellent backyard lighting in any season. You can use LED lights for holiday decorations in the winter, and decorate your patio for evening barbecues in the spring and summer.

Integrated LED lights aren't limited to home fixtures, either. LED light is great for camping lanterns and flashlights as well. You can use them summer after summer without worrying that the bulbs will burn out. 

Better Light Quality

Another benefit of integrated LED lights is the type of light they produce. Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, LEDs emit light in a specific direction. They don't need reflectors or diffusers to focus the light, so when you use an integrated LED fixture, the light shines exactly where you want it to go. 

LEDs also provide better light color and more lumens than other bulb types. Lumens are a measurement of light that tells you how bright something is. LEDs are brighter than other bulb types, producing roughly four times as many lumens per watt as an incandescent bulb.

Not only are LED lights brighter, but they also produce more pure, white light. Instead of the amber or yellow glow of incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LEDs produce white light. White light is closer to natural daylight and is even used in some treatments for depression. So not only are LEDs better for the environment, they might even be better for your mental health.

Should You Update Your Existing Fixtures?

Replacing all of the light fixtures in your home with integrated LED light fixtures might seem overwhelming, but the benefits are enormous. The upfront cost is a fraction of what you'll save on energy bills and lightbulb replacements over the life of your new fixtures. 

It would be cheaper initially to retrofit your existing light fixtures with LED bulbs, but that is a less efficient option. LED bulbs in fixtures built for other types of bulbs can't perform as well as fixtures that were built for LEDs.

Retrofitted fixtures don't dissipate heat as well as integrated ones, and the bulbs can't emit as much light. Integrated LED lights will be brighter for longer than a regular fixture with an LED bulb. 

Find Your New Fixtures

Integrated LED lights are a smart investment in your future and the future of the planet. You can save energy and money, while still keeping your home beautifully lit with stylish fixtures.

Once you're ready to bring integrated LED lights into your home, you'll need a wide selection to fit your needs. Check out our website, or request a free copy of our catalog to see all of the integrated fixtures we have to offer. 

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