Cool LED Light Ideas That Will Light up Your Decor

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Mar 8th 2021

Cool LED Light Ideas That Will Light up Your Decor

Lights allow us to function in rooms. They guide us through space and let us do what we need to do. Though lighting is so important, people don't understand how to light rooms. 

LED lights offer affordable and energy-efficient lighting for many different environments. You just have to know how to use them. Here are some cool LED light ideas.

Distinguishing and Installing LED Lights

Not all lights are alike. LED rope lights are long tubes that contain LED bulbs. You can install rope lighting along the walls, or you can hang them from the ceiling. 

LED strip lights are flat but flexible boards. Manufacturers mount LEDs directly onto the boards. The boards are small and compact, but they produce a great amount of light. 

Once you've selected your lights, measure the area you will install them in. Estimate how much of your lighting you will need. Calculate the amount of electricity you will need and purchase a power supply.

Use plug-in connectors when you need to join LED strips together. Use another connector to connect your LEDs to your power source. 

Most LED light strips have adhesive backings. Clean the wall you will install them on, then press the strips to the wall. You can do the same with outside LED strip lights. 

To install rope lighting, mount clips to the walls. Then insert the lights into the clips. 

LED Light Ideas for Bedrooms

Once you know how to install lights, you can start to get creative. Bedrooms are some of the most common areas for LED lights. LED lights provide intimate yet effective lighting, perfect for reading.

You can place LEDs onto the walls, but you can get versatile. You can use recessed wall lighting, in which strips peek through a hollow part of the wall. This gives your room a mellow appearance. 

You can mount LEDs on the surface of your walls. This creates bright light within your space. You can also use light strips as decorations, creating art pieces out of them. 

If you have a television in your room, you can use LEDs as backlights. Backlighting reduces eye strain when watching television in the dark. Install LEDs behind your monitor, including in colors. 

You can place LED light strips in or around display cases. LED lights don't give off heat, keeping your belongings safe. They provide consistent illumination across surface areas. 

You can install LED lights around vanity mirrors. They take up little space, and they provide high illumination for you and your clothes. You can use light strips as a spotlight, or you can use rope lights for complete coverage.

Lighting Ideas for Kitchens 

Kitchens require terrific lighting. You need room to cut, clean, and cook. Lighting needs to illuminate all of your surface areas without getting in your way. 

LED ceiling lights work very well. For a classy look, use LED tape lights with aluminum extensions. LED linear lights illuminate across a room, covering all parts of your kitchen space. 

You can install lighting under cabinets. This is a great solution if you want to focus lights on particular areas. Under-cabinet lighting allows you to access cabinets and countertops easily, even at night. 

You can install accent lighting, which is for aesthetic purposes. Using colored lights is great for parties and family gatherings. 

LED light strips fit onto most shelving. You can place lights onto the shelves themselves, illuminating the contents for easy access. You can also place lights above the shelves if you need additional illumination. 

Outdoor LED Lighting

Outdoor LEDs are perfect for spring and summer. They invoke the warmth of the seasons with bright colors and textures. 

Layout your area before you start installing. Figure out how lights can improve the aesthetics of the space. You don't want to overlight outdoor spaces, but providing too little light is a safety risk. 

Use 10-gauge wires for electric lines that run to your lights. Use 12-gauge wires to connect your lights together. Then bury these wires at least six inches under the ground to avoid shocks and damage. 

Install a transformer where you can charge and change your lights. Be prepared to use your transformer to dim or raise your lights. 

Warm colors are welcoming and soothing. Whites accentuate the dark colors of vegetation, creating a nature-friendly atmosphere. Reds mimic fire, ideal for a communal environment. 

Cool colors make natural environments appear sickly. But they can illuminate stone and masonry, revealing their rich textures. Combine different lights together to illuminate different settings. 

Use LED lights to illuminate your staircase. This increases safety while making your staircase appear broader and wider. Place strips along the back or sides of your stairs.

Miscellaneous Ideas

You can add personality to your car with LED lights. You can charge them with your engine and battery. White lights create a simple and classic appearance, while colored lights can match your car's aesthetic. 

You can do the same with bikes, golf carts, and campers. Attach strips to the frame of your vehicle to accentuate its aesthetics. You can also use LEDs as headlights. 

If you have an aquarium, install LEDs on the ceiling over it. You can vary the brightness, allowing your fish to sleep and swim. LEDs work great against water, so consider LEDs if you have a boat or aquatic vehicle as well. 

Light the Way

LEDs are becoming more popular for good reason. They save more energy and money than incandescent bulbs. They are versatile in a number of settings. 

You can use them in your bedroom, illuminating your vanity mirror or using them as accents. You can use them in your kitchen, casting light on all surface areas there. 

You can install them outside, varying the color for different surfaces. You can even use them in your car. Understand different LED light ideas, and find the right ones for you.

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