Automated LED Lighting: The Future is Near

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 25th 2013

Automated lighting refers to lighting that is intelligent enough to work without human intervention with the help of sensors, timers and software solutions. LED lighting systems make this possible because they are highly compatible with digital control systems that are common in many modern households. In addition, LED bulbs are capable of handling the stress of customized outputs and lighting patterns in a manner that standard lighting systems cannot do. LEDmotion-detector Accessories such as motion detectors, light detectors and timers are already in common use around the world. When these accessories are connected to LED systems, this results in intelligent lighting that provides superior light quality to traditional set ups. Moreover, intelligent lighting can be customized to reduce output or switch off altogether when the space is not in use or natural light is present. The other crucial element for automated lighting is centralized control. The ability to control and customize every aspect of the system is essential. Thanks to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and apps for iOS and Android enabled devices, remote controlled lighting is easily accessible. This translates to huge cost-savings and convenience. Lights can be pre-programmed or switched on/off in an easy and efficient manner, which saves time, energy and more importantly, money.

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