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A Complete Guide to Christmas Light Hanging

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 8th 2021

A Complete Guide to Christmas Light Hanging

It is that time of year again. The songs are shifting on the radio, the shops are full of decorations, and present lists are being written. But how are you preparing your home?

One of the main ways to get into the festive spirit is to decorate your home with Christmas light hanging. However, there is an art to the best Christmas lights. Whether you want to have the best Christmas lights in the street, or you just want to make sure they do not ruin the holiday spirit, then you need a strategy.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about how to hang lights for the holidays. 

Plan Your Design

Light displays such as the Rockefeller Christmas tree take a lot of planning as there are around 50,000 lights! However, you should also plan your Christmas light hanging. Do not just wing it, as it will take longer to put up your lights, and the locations may not be ideal.

You can start by picking a focus point for your Christmas light display. Maybe it will be your doorway or gate. This is where you can centralize your presentation.

How many lights you want is down to your preference, but remember, 100 lights quickly get used up on around 1 foot of tree. You can measure any line to determine how many lights you need. Always be sure to check you have a power source nearby before you begin!

Pick Your Lights

Another essential part of Christmas light hanging is to check you have the right lights for the job. Do you want LED strip lights, rope lights, incandescent lights, or different options? Or you can have a mix of light types and colors. 

Popular holiday lights include LED lights as they are bright, save energy, and are safe. Plus, there are plenty of different colors and styles to keep your Christmas lights creative.

Hanging lights such as icicle lights are also popular choices, especially along your roof or windows. Net lights can work well in shrubbery or across lawns. Be sure to invest in good quality lights, which will last several years and not several minutes. 

Prepare Christmas Light Hanging

One of the best tips for how to hang lights is to have the right tools ready. For example, if you want to hang lights on the gutter, have some light hooks or all-purpose light clips prepared to make the job easier. Avoid using nails or staples as they can break the lights and also cause an eyesore. 

Unravel all your lighting in advance in a dry place. Untangle all the lights way in advance, so you do not have to worry about knots on the day you want to hang them.  

Take the time to invest in any more lights and light accessories, such as extension cords, enough spare bulbs, or timers, so your holiday display can work seamlessly!  

Test the Lights

Before you hang your lights, do not forget to test them. There is nothing worse than waiting for a grand turn-on after your hard work, then finding they do not work. Take a moment to check they work.

Also, inspect your lights, do damage or frayed cords. Typically, damaged cords signal an imminent breakage or even a safety hazard. Contact the lighting provider immediately. 

Safety First

One of the most crucial light hanging tips to remember is safety, no matter how good you want your light display to look! Be sure to have the right tools to hang your Christmas lights safely.

It helps if someone can assist you, especially if you plan to use a ladder. Avoid using a metal ladder, as there is a risk it could conduct electricity.

You should also make sure your lights will not cause any safety hazards once they are up. Make sure cables can be placed in areas where people are not at risk of tripping and falling. Also, check lights are away from snow and water. 

Also, be sure that your lights are not a fire hazard. The best way to do this is to invest in quality lights that have been tested. LED lights have less risk of overheating. 

How to Hang Lights 

The first step for how to hang lights is to pick the right day. You want to choose a mild winter or fall day, which is dry. Start in the morning, so you have plenty of time. 

You want to enjoy the Christmas light hanging, so do not rush! Make an event of it. Turn on some festive music, get help, and take plenty of breaks, ideally filled with baked holiday goods and hot drinks.

Decide where you want to begin your Christmas light hanging, and slowly work around the start point. There are many places to hang your lights, and it depends on the type of lights you have. Some people want to start at their display focus point; others want to begin high and end low or start at the yard and work their way up. 

Enjoy Your Display

Once you have completed your Christmas light hanging, it is time to enjoy your display! Take a moment to appreciate your hard work and how magical your display looks. The most important thing is that you put effort into your display and are happy with the results. 

Do Not Forget Storage

Although no one likes to think about the holiday spirit ending, do not forget storage solutions for your lights, so you can continue to enjoy the lights for years to come. Do not wait until you take your lights down. Wrapping lights around something such as rolled-up newspapers can work well, but there are many methods.  

The Best Christmas Lights

Now you know how to create the best Christmas light hanging. But what about the best Christmas lights? You can plan how to hang lights all day, but your hard work will not pay off if you do not have quality lights to use.

Birddog Lighting is here to help with the best Christmas lights and accessories. Check out our range of different holiday lights and decor to get started.