8 Awesome Ways to Use Rope Lighting

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jan 2nd 2018

8 Awesome Ways to Use Rope Lighting

Rope lighting doesn’t just have to be for the holidays.

Granted, the approach of the festive season gives us many more ways to use rope lighting for decoration purposes, but you don’t have to limit yourself to just that.

There are so many creative ways to use rope lighting. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your backyard, the inside of your home, or even your car.

Read on to find out 8 awesome and creative ways to use rope lighting.

1. Spell It Out

Amongst the many creative ways to use rope lighting for decoration, this is one of our favorites. It’s a great way to make a bold statement, and it’s all over Pinterest.

This nifty DIY crafting blog offers a great tutorial on how to create your own glowing rope light word art.

2. Bright Back Lighting

Backlighting can add a stylish glow to everything from your headboard to the back of your television.

Behind a headboard, backlighting offers a soft glow that will be gentler on tired eyes than your average room light or side table lamp. It’s the perfect light to use when settling into bed to read before you drop off.

Bias Lighting

Backlighting can create a beautiful ambient effect in any room of your home. The ambient backlighting that is put behind a screen is often called bias lighting.

In fact, more than being just another pretty accessory for your home, it can even solve eye strain problems associated with staring at a screen in the dark.

If you use bias lighting, you may notice it increases the contrast of the image color on your tv screen. Due to this, the image color and quality will look deeper and more intense.

Of all the ways to use rope lighting, this has to be one of the best, and most multi-functional!

3. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Rope lights are a great way to decorate a vanity or wall mirror.

Most women will probably agree on how annoying it can be when you’re applying makeup or primping for a night out, and your light is too dim to properly see what you’re doing.

Rope lights solve this problem by shining light inoffensively in the direction of your face. You could do this with your bathroom mirror or cabinet.

You can even tuck the lights neatly underneath the mirror too to make it look backlit. It’s a perfect lighting solution!

4. Storage Lighting

For those looking to rummage through their closet or drawers when it’s dark, rope lighting is a great way of lighting things up so you can see exactly what you have.

This way, you don’t need to run the batteries down on your old emergency torch!

This doesn’t have to be limited to closets or drawers either. Lining parts of your attic or basement with rope lights will have the same effect, and might even make them feel less spooky, too!

At least this way you can always rely on seeing where you’re going while sorting through you’re things.

5. Bar and Counter Lighting

If you’re lucky enough to have your own personal bar area, take inspiration from the deco of the most stylish bars.

LED rope lighting instantly adds a cool, modern edge to any bar. A dandy decorating tip that will give your tipple den a Blade Runner vibe.

Similarly, you can try this with kitchen countertops too if it matches the style. Trust us, it looks really cool!

6. Balcony Bling

Balcony and exterior lighting on your home doesn’t just have to be for the holidays. A well-lit balcony can add mood and atmosphere that will make sitting out and enjoying the cool Winter air that little bit more pleasant.

You can use the rope lights to line the edges of your balcony. For a more festive touch, wrap them around the railings and go for seasonal colors such as green or red – or both!

7. Shed Some Light On Your Art

This couple from San Francisco used LEDs to light up some modern art in their lounge. Using just a strip of rope lighting as backlighting, they managed to give new life to a piece of old airplane.

The same could be done with a canvas or even a frame. Rope lighting can really bring out the color in a good painting or photograph. It can allow people to see it as it would be seen on display at an exhibition.

It’s a simple but effective way to elevate your art and works for sculptures on models on display, too!

8. Decorating Your Garden

Brighten up your flower bed with the ethereal glow of fun colored rope lights. Great for use in landscaping, lights can really give your garden an extra something.

Depending on the time of year, you can go for different moods, too. At Halloween, you can create a ghostly glow with orange, red, or even green lights for a spooky touch.

At Christmas time you can opt for festive flashing lights in lots of different colors.

Placing rope lighting in or around a rockery or pond makes for a really nice touch too. Lighting up walkways and paths to or around a bigger garden or yard not only has safety benefits but can also look really magical.

You can even go for a more rustic look by filling old mason jars or glass bottles with tangles of rope lights and place them around your garden.

There are loads of cool ways to use rope lighting in your garden, and it doesn’t even have to be difficult.

In fact, you should check out our tips on how to weather-proof LED rope lights. This is of course very important if you’re going to be using them outside.

The Ways To Use Rope Lighting Are Endless

These are just a few ideas for ways to use rope lighting to decorate and make your home and garden shine.

We offer a wide variety of different lights and everything you need to prepare, shop for, and eventually install your new rope lighting.

Browse our wide variety of different colored rope lights today, and let us light up your life!

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