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7 Fun and Unique Ideas to Change the Look of Your Backyard Decor

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jun 13th 2022

7 Fun and Unique Ideas to Change the Look of Your Backyard Decor

Spending time outside is a fabulous way to relax, enjoy nature, and entertain. A 2021 survey found that approximately 90% of Americans feel that their backyard space is more important than ever.

If you're looking for new ways to spruce things up this summer, we have some creative and fun backyard decor ideas for you.

Check out this list of seven ways you can add a fun touch to your backyard and enjoy it to the max all summer long.

1. Build a Pergola or Gazebo

If your backyard doesn't have a lot of trees, you'll want to make sure you provide shade to your family and guests. A gorgeous pergola or gazebo is a fabulous addition to virtually any backyard area.

While this idea is a bit more time and labor-intensive, it also adds the "wow factor" to your home. You can choose to build your pergola DIY or look for pre-made kits that make the process easier.

Whichever way you go, these outdoor structures will definitely make your backyard better. Finish the look by hanging some LED string lights up underneath the canopy for fun lighting when the sun goes down.

2. Add a Fire Pit

When it comes to decorating the backyard, everyone loves a roaring fire. Instead of digging a hole and filling it with wood, try a freestanding fire pit or a nice fire pit table.

This outdoor accent is a great addition for summertime entertaining. You can roast some s'mores or sit by the fire and tell stories of days gone by.

Choose a fire pit that uses propane gas for easy operation. You can even run a gas line directly to the fire pit, so you'll always have an instant heat source.

3. Backyard Decor: Enhance Your Landscape

Not all backyard decor has to include furniture or fires. In fact, updating your landscape is a terrific way to make this space feel fresh, organic, and new.

If you're not into gardening, add a few large planters to your patio and fill them with a variety of native plants. Look for plants that are low-maintenance so you don't have to spend a lot of time babying them.

Check out the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to help you figure out which plants will thrive in your area. A few unique plants will instantly give your backyard a gorgeous, earthy element.

4. Try a Pond or Fountain

If you have the budget, consider adding a beautiful water fountain or even a koi fish pond. This water feature will create a relaxing atmosphere and give your backyard a lush, luxurious feel.

Water fountains are easier to maintain than ponds, and they come in a myriad of awesome designs, too. Whether it's modern or traditional, everyone loves the soothing sounds of a trickling fountain.

If you decide to go with a pond, make sure you set everything up correctly. You'll also need to add aquatic plants and learn about how to take care of your fish. Of course, you can always add a pond with plants only if taking care of fish isn't really your thing.

5. Backyard Decoration Ideas: Upgrade Your Lighting

New lighting can instantly add an elevated look to any room, including your outdoor space. Think about ways to integrate new lighting designs to give your backyard a lively and fun illumination.

LED strip lights, rope lights, and string lights make fantastic backyard fence decor. Simply string them along your fence, and enjoy their luminous glow when the sun goes down. Try solar lighting to help you save on energy and for a more eco-friendly option.

Aside from smaller lights, try a large torch light or even an outdoor lantern. The more lighting you incorporate into your backyard design, the more fun it will be to spend time outside at night. Choose lights with LED bulbs for the best energy savings and efficiency.

6. Refresh Your Furniture

The concept of outdoor living is to bring the same elements from inside your home to the outside. Consider upgrading your patio furniture to something new for the season. Look for new tables, chairs, and seating options that are on-trend this year. 

If you don't have the budget for all new furniture, you can always add new cushions. Weather-resistant furniture slipcovers can also give your furniture a refresh.

Shop for new outdoor sofas or a new patio dining set for the summer. This simple update will instantly give your entire outdoor space a whole new look and feel.

7. Focus on Color

Whether it's large or small backyard decorating ideas you seek, adding pops of color is a great way to spice things up. You can incorporate color into your backyard in several easy ways.

Start by adding some cheerfully colored throw pillows to your outdoor sofa or chairs. A nice indoor/outdoor area rug in a fun pattern with vibrant colors will create a cheery touch.

If you're feeling especially adventurous, you can even paint your deck or fence a new color. Vibrant planters, flags, and patio umbrellas are also good choices that will bring the backyard a colorful touch.

Enhance Your Backyard Today

Keep these backyard decor ideas in mind so you can create a fabulous and unique space this summer. Whether it's a new fountain, some rope lights, or new furniture, it's easy to elevate your backyard without breaking the bank.

Be sure to check out the selection of products at Birddog Lighting today, and contact us if you have any questions about your outdoor lighting needs.