7 Cool LED Light Strip Decorating Ideas

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 30th 2020

7 Cool LED Light Strip Decorating Ideas

Do you want to improve the decorative lighting in your home or office? Well, using LED strip lights is a great way to go about it. Below, we’ve got seven great LED light strip ideas for you to use at home or in your office.

They’ve got a ton of benefits, including easy installation and use. Also, modern LED lights use up to 90% less energy than the traditional light bulb and fluorescent lights. The catch is to learn the best way to install them.

Keep reading to learn about some creative and cool ideas on how to install your LED light strip.

1. Use an LED Light Strip for Backlighting LCD Screens and TVs

Playing video games became one of the top ways people coped with the pandemic.

Earlier this year, video games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had a ton of engagement. It’s no surprise that more people are considering creating a game room or gaming area in their rooms.  All you need to do is to place the LED strips behind the LCD computer screen.

If video games aren’t what you busied yourself with, it may be the TV or online video streaming instead. You can do the same with your TV. Put up strips of LED light behind the TV, following its general shape.

This also serves to create a border around your TV. It won’t hurt your eyes as much, especially if you love watching in the dark. It’ll help prevent eye strain from watching for too long.

2. Create Accents for Your Staircase

Do you often have trouble with your staircase lighting? Place light strips underneath each step for an easy DIY fix. It’s an elegant and modern way of creating tasteful illumination on your staircase.

Plus, your staircase will look broader and wider because of the added lighting. Stick a strip under each step. Make sure the light strips aren’t in view so they don’t confuse the viewer’s eyes.

You can also use LED light strip aluminum extrusions to cover them when you install them. You can use 2216 LED light strips for a uniform and bright light. You may also want to stick to the typical colors of warm or cool lighting.

Is it impractical to place LED strips on your solid staircase? Place one long LED strip on the wall along the side of the staircase instead. You can also place it down to follow the shape of each step as it goes up.

3. Look Better on Well-Lit Vanity Mirrors

Your room can look better when you place a LED light strip around your vanity mirror. It’ll help keep your room bright and create mood lighting. It’s also quite useful for putting on makeup since the light reaches all the planes of your face.

You can pick a light strip with wide spaces between the lights for a spotlight effect. You can also place the light strips behind the mirror to make it look like it’s floating. This is a good idea to make small rooms seem and feel larger than they are.

4. Add LED Strips for Great Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Since it holds the essentials to living, the kitchen is a key component of any home. It most likely gets the most visits out of any other room in the home, other than the bathroom or living room. Because you’re likely going to visit it a lot more, you want to make sure it looks good.

One way to enhance its beauty is to add an LED strip under each cabinet in the kitchen. You can also place LED light strips under the island counter or table to create a cohesive look. It’ll be better if you match the color of your LED light strip with an accent color from your kitchen.

This is great for kitchens that don’t get a lot of natural lighting during the night. Your LED lights will be energy-efficient and pleasing to the eyes at the same time. It’ll also be great for keeping crevices and the spaces between your counters and floor well-lit.

5. Brighten the Shelves in Your Living Room

Every home needs good lighting, especially the living room. Warm lighting is the ideal option for many homeowners. It creates an inviting and comfortable space for everyone.

However, you can be quite creative with LED strips. You can decorate shelves with lighting within them to highlight what’s on them. You can place the LED strips on the ends of the shelves to make it seem more modern.

You can also use LED lights like you would with the kitchen cabinets. As a tip, if a shelf is lower than eye level, place your LED strip at the upper shelf corner and out of sight. If it’s higher than eye level, place it on the lower shelf corner.

6. Use Them for Decorative Holiday Lights

We’ve now moved into the “ber” months. In a blink, it’ll be December again. You’ll soon be adding creative winter holiday features in your front yard and home.

There’s no better time to bring in the rainbow light strips for the Christmas tree. With them, you can also create glowing snowmen or other outdoor decorations. One of the benefits of outdoor LED lighting strips is that you don’t need to hang them.

All you need is to take off the adhesive cover and stick them onto a surface. If you want to create decorative yard reindeer, create a frame made of wire first. Afterward, wrap your LED strip around the frame.

7. Give Your Wall a Silhouette

LED light strips can make a room look modern and wider when used right. One way to do this is to create a wall silhouette. All you need to do is to cut out shapes from cardboard or other sturdy material.

Make sure you can install it onto your wall later. Next, place a strip of LED light behind the shape. Affix it onto your wall, and you have a silhouette to give your space some personality.

Enhance Your Lighting Situation With LED Light Strips

That ends our guide on how to use an LED light strip around your home. We hope this guide helps you create a more energy-efficient yet aesthetic home.

Did you enjoy reading this guide on cool LED light strip ideas? We’ve got more bright ideas you should read about and implement. Feel free to check out our other guides for more content on how to use LED light strips and others.

If you have any questions, you’re always welcome to talk to us.

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