6 Tips for Choosing Light Fixtures for Your Home

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Oct 9th 2023

6 Tips for Choosing Light Fixtures for Your Home

In 2020, 47% of homeowners said they have switched to mostly LED lighting inside their homes. They are not only a popular choice because of their energy efficiency but also because they come in so many styles.

If you are adding new LED fixtures to your home then you may have more options than you think, which could be overwhelming.

Make picking the right LEDs for your home easier with these six tips.

Types of LED Fixtures

There are several types of LED lights that you can add to your home. Keep the list in mind while reading how to choose a particular one:

  • Recessed Lighting
  • Pendant Lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Wall Sconces
  • Floor and Desk Lamps
  • Stripe Lights
  • Rope Lights

Each type of fixture fits a certain style, purpose, and room size. They also offer various levels of brightness and adjustability.

1. Start With a Focal Point

The perfect LED fixture will highlight the focal point of each room. But before you go pick out your lights you need to decide what your focal point is.

This will determine the size, shape, and style of your LED fixture that will complement your focal point. It will also shine an appropriate amount of light on your centerpiece to make it stand out and serve as a gathering area for friends and family.

The light can also be a part of your focal point as well as its light source. Place pendant lights over the kitchen island to make it the centerpiece of your cooking area, but also make sure the lighting blends well with the island and creates a statement that includes the lights themselves.

2. Think About Functionality

Lighting isn't just for looks. It should also have a function and a purpose for your space. For example, LED downlights can set the mood in the family room for movie night. Or, pendant lights offer low-level lighting to make dining intimate.

When picking out your lighting style, consider how it will make your room easier to adjust and control, which will also save energy. Also, think about how much light is required to make the room functional.

This means adding the correct brightness and the right amount of light according to the room's needs. You don't want to add just a floor lamp to create a reading nook and forget about lighting the rest of the room. Your space won't be comfortable for other activities, and you will not be able to have a functioning space.

3. Use LED Fixtures as Part of Your Decor

In addition to functionality, LED lights need to go with the rest of your area's decor. For instance, LED commercial lighting may not complement traditional homes but could go well in an industrial loft or even a more contemporary style.

The fixture material and color should go with other accents in your home. If you have silver door knobs and light switches then a gold chandelier may look out of place.

You also need to consider your square footage and whether large fixtures will overshadow the other elements in your area. Or in large spaces, smaller lighting options may not project enough light to add to its ambiance.

4. Consider Various Lighting Levels

Choosing various lighting levels will help add functionality and design to your home. It will also give you options for certain lighting requirements.

When reading late at night, you don't want to turn on all of your LED panel lights just to see a page. Instead, try a single floor lamp that is closer to the ground to limit the illumination and strain on your eyes.

If you are entertaining guests, you don't want to keep areas of your house dark and some bright. Offering different levels of light will ensure your whole house is visible while making it more comfortable and less like an office or warehouse.

5. Creating Drama in Large Spaces

How do you fill large rooms and eliminate dead zones? Proper LED lights may be your answer. However, in this case, you should go grand.

Tiny recessed lighting on a vaulted ceiling may leave your home looking bare and lead to your home being too bright and generic. Instead, use this as an opportunity to give your ceiling some character using your LED light fixture.

Try a chandelier, multiple pendant lights, or large sconces to encase big rooms in light as well as style. They can also act as focal points, art pieces, and statement pieces to make your home original and breathtaking.

6. Define Spaces With Lighting

A great way to separate areas of an open floor plan is with light fixtures. You can set various moods and add different functions to your space. This makes your area multifunctional without being dysfunctional.

From your office nook to your kitchen table, not every area needs the same amount of light or the same style of lighting.

Create a productive workspace that is separate from your living area by having a small lamp and limiting other light flow into this area. This will act as a subliminal message that makes this location for work purposes only. It almost acts as a "do not disturb sign" while your lamp is lit.

Finding the Perfect LED Fixture

Seeing examples of LED fixtures will help you see how they look in certain areas and what works best for your home. You can also get design ideas and learn about each light's features.

Request a free catalog from Birddog Lighting to browse a wide section of LEDs.

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