6 Facts About LED Landscape Lighting Everyone Should Know

Posted by Tiffanie Wichman on Nov 2nd 2014

6 Facts About LED Landscape Lighting Everyone Should Know

Landscaping is an art, it’s a hobby, and it’s a job. Having the right type of resources are vital in this industry. Many landscapers use light in their designs and projects to complement the surrounding architecture. LED lights are known to be very popular in the landscaping industry for a numerous amount of reasons. Here are 6 quick facts that everyone should know about LED lighting for landscaping.  

  1. They can easily change colors and effects with the touch of a remote, making it easier to transform your yard into a backyard party when guests visit.
  2. They are rated to be water resistant/waterproof, which is an advantage for placing light around waterways such as the pool, pond, waterfall, or creek.
  3. They don’t attract bugs at night, because they don’t emit UV rays
  4. They don’t release the amount of heat that traditional bulbs do, which allows them to be less dangerous near plants and trees.
  5. They can be found in any shape or size, which allows you to pick and choose the type of light for your landscape.
  6. They contain no harmful toxins and tend to be brighter than traditional bulbs, which increases the safety of the environment.

Now that you are familiar with why LED lights are a superb choice for landscaping, check out LED landscape lighting tips and tricks. As mentioned before, there are a variety of landscape lights. Area lights, flood lights, pathway lights, security lights, rope lights, and strip lights all will help you get started on brightening up your landscape designs.    

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