5 Ways to Use LED Rope Lights in Your Kitchen

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Dec 18th 2017

5 Ways to Use LED Rope Lights in Your Kitchen

Are you redecorating your kitchen to prepare for the upcoming holiday season?

If you are in the search of an inexpensive, beautiful, and functional decoration, look no further than LED rope lights.

What exactly are LED rope lights?

This form of lighting is basically small bulbs that are embedded into a solid tube of clear and bendable plastic.

They can come in a variety of colors and styles to fit exactly what you are looking for in your new, artistic kitchen.

These lights are also specially designed to last for years, even with hours of daily use. The possibilities of use are truly only limited by your imagination.

One of the easier areas of your home to use these lights is in the kitchen, and they can add personal flair to the room that can be enjoyed by the family and visitors alike.

Read on to learn the best ways to use LED rope lights in your kitchen.

Best Ways To Use LED Rope Lights In Your Kitchen

1. Under And Over Cabinet Lighting

One of the darkest places in the kitchen is often directly under the cabinets. This can make it more difficult to access jars and other kitchen supplies that are stored on the counter.

Therefore, one of the easiest solutions is LED rope lights placed underneath the cabinets.

This can help you see exactly what you are reaching for, as well as make it easier to clean.

There is also the added bonus of the beauty that is created by the dimmed light under the cabinets.

Another tip is to add them above the cabinets for a cozy effect to the kitchen, as well as helping bring attention to the ceiling and making the room appear larger.

This can also improve any decor or wine bottles you may have on top of the cabinets, which adds a rustic charm the entire kitchen.

2. Accent Lights

Using LED rope lights as accent lights is another option that can be especially lovely in a kitchen.

There a number of ways to use these as an accent, but one key placement is beside or around your favorite piece of artwork.

This can help bring attention to that artwork, as well as improve the appearance of color and details in the piece of art.

Another option is around other decorations, such as pottery, sculptures, flowers, or potpourri.

The use of them in the method will help guests and family members notice the little details that speak to your style.

The important part here is to stay creative in how you accent your kitchen. Instead of asking where you can put rope lights, ask where you can’t put them!

3. Mood Lighting

Lighting continues to be one of the main ways that the mood of a room can be set, from the instant you walk in.

Think back to the last romantic dinner that you and a loved one went out for. The lighting tends to be just dim enough to eat by but maintains the romantic, and calm atmosphere.

This is what LED rope lights can achieve quite easily in your kitchen or dining room.

In addition, this solution avoids you needing to completely change any other lights or bulbs, or make a more expensive light.

It is easy to switch off the regular lights and turn these on instead to promote the same calm mood that keeps people coming back.

4. Light The Dark Corners

In almost every house, there is at least one awkwardly dark corner. Sometimes they are in living rooms, or bedrooms, but if yours is in your kitchen then rope lights can improve these enormously.

Simply wrap them around something in the corner, turn them on, and it is no longer a dark, creepy corner.

You can also make it extra fun with different color options, possibly for different times of year and holidays.

In addition, this can also improve the functionality of the corner itself, and allow you to decorate it more easily with the style that you love.

Who knows what the untapped possibilities are for that corner?

5. Expand To the Outdoors

In most parts of the world, the summer can be a lovely time to eat outside and enjoy the gentle fireflies and cool nights.

It is also a time of grilling, fresh fruit, family, and laughter. Therefore, expanding your kitchen into the outdoors can be an excellent addition to the already-pleasant time of year that summer is.

Even if you are not entertaining, you can easily enjoy a hot cup of tea into the fall and winter with your lit outdoor kitchen.

You can hang them from the ceiling of the porch or sunroom, or add them as part of your outdoor decor or garden.

Regardless, this option is perfect to spend some extra time outside with lovely mood lighting.

Invest In The Best LED Rope Lights

The benefits and possibilities of LED rope lights are almost endless, especially in the kitchen.

There are many options for decor to choose from, such as placing them on top or under cabinets, using them as accent lights or mood lighting, using them to light dark corners, and lighting the way to your outdoor kitchen.

These are also important because they serve as an extremely inexpensive alternative to other lighting solutions.

But, while they are inexpensive, they can help your home and kitchen look luxurious regardless of where you place them.

They are very customizable and functional, and installation is fairly straightforward and can be completed in just a few minutes. The hardest part is deciding where to put them.

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