5 Simple Garage Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Garage

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Apr 10th 2023

5 Simple Garage Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Garage

The modern garage isn't solely a place to park your car, anymore. These days, people use that space as a gym, a home office, a den, or for storage. As a result, the standard garage lighting usually used is no longer sufficient to illuminate it.

On their own, the lightbulbs in your garage may provide ample lighting to every corner of the room. However, you can do so much more if you get a little creative. LED lights in particular allow for flexible designs for every room.

Here are some garage lighting ideas to try out if you want to create a more exciting environment or set a certain mood.

1. LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are one of many garage lighting ideas that allow for a lot of flexibility in both placement and design. They have an adhesive backing and are available in a wide variety of colors, as well as in color-changing options.

You can place strip lights anywhere and everywhere, as long as the adhesive backing can stick to them. Each spool comes with a pre-installed power cord, and you can customize the length of your lights by cutting them.

One way to utilize strip lighting is by lining the floor of your garage. This can help provide a unique ambiance in combination with under-cabinet lighting and other forms of recessed lighting.

You can also install the lights in various patterns across your garage ceiling. Intertwine it with your ceiling storage. Create circles or rectangles with the strip lights to provide ample lighting to every corner of your garage.

Keep in mind that whatever part of the strip you cut off can't be used anymore. You would need an additional 4-pin connector to reconnect it.

2. LED Neon

If you want to add style and boldness to your garage, you can do so with LED neon lights. Outside of lit-up signs, these lights are available as both rope and strip lights.

Some of the benefits of using neon are that it comes in a variety of shapes and designs, lasts long, and can be used to highlight certain items or areas. In your garage, that could mean turning a work corner into an accent piece. If your band practices at your house, you could turn the garage into a stage.

For more general garage lighting ideas, apply the neon rope along the top corners of the space. Let it snake around and through your shelving for more immersive and creative lighting. Create designs on your walls, such as clouds or a bolt of lightning.

Some neon lights have hundreds of different program settings for you to experiment with. While you can't freely cut rope lights the same as light strips, you can still cut them into shorter, predetermined intervals.

3. LED Downlights

Downlights are a type of recessed lighting that is installed into the ceiling of a room. Technically speaking, they differ from traditional ceiling lights in two main ways.

First, downlights require a larger and deeper hole to install them. Second, downlights offer more focused illumination since the light is directed downward. Ordinary ceiling lights aren't installed deep into the ceiling and thus shine light in all directions.

But how do you put recessed lighting in your garage in a way that doesn't leave a lot of dark corners?

You'll want to install enough downlights throughout the area to provide substantial coverage. You may also want to use them in combination with other forms of lighting, such as under-cabinet or floor lights.

4. LED Panel Lights

Maybe you can't or won't install recessed lighting for whatever reason. In that case, you can still get some flush lighting with LED panel lights.

This option is both discreet and affordable. Ultra-thin panels can measure as little as half an inch in depth, which means they're easy to install for both low and high ceilings. Additionally, LED lights are always an affordable option because they last longer, use little energy, and don't require lightbulb replacements.

Because a panel ceiling light lies flush against the roof, it works well with garages used for storage. You can stack items on your shelves as high as possible without them getting in the way. If you're a taller individual, you won't have to worry about hitting your head on a hanging lightbulb or ceiling fan.

You can purchase your first panel lights for as little as $50 each, and they come in the colors cool, natural, and warm white.

5. Natural Light

Of course, you can't forget to include tons of natural light in your garage. As long as your garage isn't surrounded by tall buildings or trees, you can always bring in more light during the day with windows.

Installing multiple windows can also provide some extra ventilation for the space. This may be a necessity depending on what kind of activities you do in the garage.

One interesting way to introduce some more natural light is to install skylights. Higher-end options will offer break resistance, but you can also use plastic acrylic for a lower cost.

Natural light helps you save money during the day, but remember to cover up your windows at night. Your other lighting options won't work as well if they're spilling out into your yard.

Try Out New Garage Lighting Ideas

The garage is an interesting space that can be used in many different ways with various garage lighting ideas. You can slap some neon lights on your walls and ceiling to turn it into an artsy hangout spot. Or you can go with panel lighting if you've converted it into a home office.

If you need to supply yourself with LED bulbs or fixtures, Birddog Lighting has you covered. We also stock holiday lights, decor, and more. Request a free catalog online and contact us with any questions.

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