7 Benefits of Decorating With Neon Lights

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 15th 2021

7 Benefits of Decorating With Neon Lights

The first sign using neon lights was created in 1912. Today, neon lights have continued to gain popularity for home decor, room lighting, and more. While neon lights are popular with many business owners, they are also a great option to use for home decor. 

Because they are so stylish and bold, it is easy to make your home stand out with neon lights.

Are you interested in learning more about neon lighting and why you should install them in your home? Keep reading this article for the top 7 benefits of hanging neon lights up in your home. 

1. Bold Lighting Option

First, neon lights are a bold lighting option that adds a unique element to the design of your home. 

Because they come in so many bright colors, it allows you to completely transform your space. Many people use neon lights in the private areas of their home, like their bedroom, but others use them as a focal point in their kitchens or even their living areas. 

If you want to add a pop of color to your home, using neon lighting is an easy way to accomplish this while adding a trendy lighting option to your house. As spring and summer are coming up, you can also use neon lights in your yard, in a camper, and more!

2. Many Shapes and Designs

Next, neon lights are great for homeowners because they come in many shapes and designs. There is an endless range of colors that you can use for neon lighting, so you can find one that fits your personal style and preferences. 

You can also use neon lighting to make an infinite number of shapes and designs. This is why these types of lights are so popular for storefronts and business owners, as it is easy to create words, logos, or even images out of neon lights. 

For homeowners, you can customize a neon sign with your name, a favorite quote, or anything else that you want to hang on your wall. 

3. Long Lifespan

Next, neon lights have a much longer lifespan when compared to traditional lightbulbs. In fact, most neon lights will last for over 10 years if they are maintained correctly. On the other hand, traditional lightbulbs may only last a few years to a month. 

This means that you can use your neon lights for longer without the worry of having to change the bulbs. 

4. Good For the Environment

Another benefit of using neon lights in your home is that they are good for the environment. This is because they use much less energy. While neon lights are electric lights, they are illuminated from the gas-discharge tubes that contain the neon gas. 

This is what creates the glow associated with neon lights. It also means that they require less energy to light a room for the same amount of time as a regular lightbulb. In fact, neon lights use about 50% less energy than other types of bulbs. 

Because neon lights do not require as much energy and will not need to be replaced as often, they are eco-friendly. They will not need to be changed as frequently, so neon lights will not contribute as much to the waste in landfills. 

5. Attract People to Your Home

Neon lights are meant to attract attention. This is why they have been used for store signs for years, as it is an easy way to attract customers into a business. Similarly, neon lights will attract people to your home. 

Many people value ambiance, whether they are eating at a restaurant or spending time at their friend's home. Having an eye-catching sign that is made out of attractive colors will help set the ambiance for your home. 

6. Highlight Items

When you add lights to your home, it is an easy way to make certain areas of your home stand out or to highlight certain items in your home. For example, many people use rope or neon strip lights to frame art on the wall in their homes. 

Others may use these neon lights under the base of their cabinets or bed to style and highlight your furniture. 

Using neon lights to emphasize different areas of your space gives them a special effect and helps them stand out. 

7. Change Your Energy & Style

Finally, neon lights are an easy way to improve or change your aesthetic. As was mentioned before, neon lights set the ambiance of a space, so you can choose colors that represent your personality to change the vibe of your living space. 

The color of lights that you choose for your home can also change your level of energy. For example, blue and white light can make you more energetic and productive. However, it can also make it difficult to sleep if you use these lights during bedtime. 

On the other hand, red lights are good for your internal clock and mental health. Red lights cause your body to increase the amount of melatonin that is released which can help you sleep. 

By choosing different colors of neon lights, you can change the amount of energy you have and improve your mood. 

Find the Best Neon Lights For Your Home

Neon lights have been around for more than 100 years and they're still a popular lighting option for homeowners. They are better for the environment, they attract people to your space and improve your aesthetic. 

If you are looking for high-quality neon lights for home lighting, Birddog Lighting can help! We offer neon strip lights in any color and can help you improve the lighting of your house or business. 

Contact our team today to learn more about the benefits of neon lights and to buy our neon light products online!

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