4 Types of Kitchen Lighting That Will Help Beautify Your Home

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Sep 27th 2021

4 Types of Kitchen Lighting That Will Help Beautify Your Home

Lighting design is one of the key ways to make a house feel like a home. Lights arranged the right way can vastly influence the way space feels (there's no wonder why lighting designers are so sought out in the world of theater). But many people don't put too much thought into their kitchen lighting. 

While folks settle for the overhead fluorescent kitchen ceiling lights that come with the kitchen, they don't realize just how many options there are for kitchen lights. By exploring the full range of kitchen light fixtures, you'll be far more likely to find the right lighting setup for your home.

This article will walk you through four of the best types of kitchen lighting. 

1. Pendant Lights 

Pendant lights are some of the sleekest-looking lights on the market. They call to mind the fanciful and stylish chandeliers of the past without seeming too overbearing or pretentious. For an open-concept kitchen — which is extremely popular right now — few things will look more inviting than pendant lighting. 

Pendant lights range from neoclassical to modernist, glass to metal, single-piece to multi-piece, etc. You can hang many different colors side by side by side, to create art deco-esque straight lines, or hang them at different heights, to achieve that ant-symmetry that's so popular right now. 

However, we recommend hanging one of our LED strip lights as a pendant light. One of the best things about lighting your home with LED lighting is just how adaptable they are. Online you can find many pendants that will hold our brilliant LED lights. 

With LED pendant lighting, you can not only vary the color of the pendant but the color of the light as well. This means you can create a variety of moods for any situation. 

2. Lights Lining the Cabinets 

Another great use of strip light is to line your cabinets with LED strip lights. By outlining your furniture, you'll make the whole room pop. Backlighting your furniture is always a way to make it shine. 

You can vary up the color of the lights depending on the concept of your kitchen. If your kitchen is white, tiled, and contemporary, consider using our cool white light. It will suffuse your kitchen with a mystical glow. 

Or, if your kitchen is more old-school and rustic, you can go with a brown LED light. Liking the aesthetics of the past doesn't stop you from using the lighting of the future.

You can also choose to create a contemporary vaporwave-esque atmosphere by lighting up your kitchen with neon lights of all pink, purple and blue. Complete your kitchen with faux palm trees, Arizona iced tea, and little replicas of the statue of David, and you're ready to recreate the popular aesthetic

3. As Counter Lights

LED lights are just for the aesthetics, they serve a practical purpose as well. If your house didn't happen to come with lights under your cabinets (to give you a better idea of what you're doing on your countertop), why not solve that problem with LED counter lights? 

This is the perfect option to add a splash of light to your kitchen. It's also a great way to introduce LED lights into your home if you're not sure you're going to be a fan. 

If you sneak into your kitchen for a midnight snack but don't want to wake up the rest of the house, a counter light is a perfect option. You can have that late-night meal in style with a great LED light. Heck, speaking of the vaporwave aesthetic, if you make that light neon purple, pink, or blue, that would be the ultimate vaporwave experience. 

4. Accent Lighting 

If you already have a wonderful lighting system in your kitchen but want to send the look over the edge, it's time to start looking at accent lighting. And LED lights are just what you need to give your kitchen that extra aesthetic kick. 

An accent light is just like an accent article of clothing — it's not essential, but it can make the whole look come together. Usually, they don't provide much in the way of practical lighting, but a whole lot of mileage in the world of looks. 

If you have a cabinet with a see-through glass window, you're in luck. Place an LED light in there, and turn it out. Watch the way it turns this normal room of your house into a place of wonder and joy. 

First of all, just think of how great it will make your silverware look. If you have some prized silverware, it's going to showcase it extremely well. If your silverware is nothing special... well... now it is! 

The spot of light will also decentralize where your light is coming from, creating a more relaxed atmosphere in your house. There's also something spectacular about a light shining from a cabinet, so if you're a fan of spectacle, this is the option for you. 

Make Use of the Best Kitchen Lighting Fixtures For Your House 

When it comes to home design, it doesn't get more important than lighting. Don't be one of the many Americans who ignore kitchen lighting design. Take into account that LED lights can be used for pendant lights, cabinet lining, counter lights, and accent lighting, and you're far more likely to have a house that shines.

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