3 Easy DIY Home Lighting Projects

Posted by Tiffanie Wichman on Nov 25th 2014

3 Easy DIY Home Lighting Projects

In need of a remodel but lack the time, money, and energy? No need to worry because simple changes make the world of a difference. Interior decorating can really change the way the home looks. I am a huge fan of interior decorating, especially when it comes to lights. I feel that lights really add personality to a dull room. Here are some painless and even enjoyable DIY home lighting projects that you can do to make your home a more pleasant place to live.

The DIY Canvas Light

diy canvas light

All you need for this neat project is a tall canvas, stickers, decal, led white string lights, and spray paint. The decals and stickers are used to create patterns and designs on the canvas. Have fun and mess around with different designs. Once you feel that you have the perfect look, spray paint (any light color) the stickers onto the canvas. Allow the paint to dry completely before removing the stickers and decals. Finally, hang white lights behind the canvas. I would suggest using tape to place the lights all over the back of the canvas. Now place your impressive new light project by a mirror to reflect light throughout the rest of the room.

The DIY Rope Light Chandelier rope light chandeliar I’m sure we all have one fan around the home that is old and broken. Instead of throwing it out in the dump, create a rope light chandelier with part of the fan! What you need for this project: front part of a fan, LED rope lights, S hooks, chain, zip ties, and bling for decorating. Thank goodness rope light is flexible, otherwise this project wouldn’t be possible. The S hooks are used to connect the front part of the fan to the chains above, which allow the chandelier to hang. I would suggest creating this part first, that way you can design the loops of the chandelier. Use the clear zip ties in order to secure the form of the rope lights. Basically its a bunch of different loops tied together with zip ties. Put on your favorite radio station and play around with the design. Finally, hang your “bling” on the lights to give off the elegant look of the chandelier. *Note: The remaining part of the rope light can set inside the top of the fan where no one will see it. DIY Floating LED Mirror night club mirror led strip What a neat way to decorate the hallway in the home! For full instructions on how to create this exact mirror click here. Personally, i would suggest using Cool White LED Strip Lights for behind the mirror. They last a very long time, and have an adhesive back which allows you to peel and stick to the back surface of the mirror. It would also be pretty neat to have a color changing strip light for different occasions, a remote is used to control the many effects and colors. Now imagine having guests over to your home for dinner while they ooh and aah at the new lights and interior decor that you incorporated this last weekend. Be proud of what you created and show off your creativity!

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