3 Cool Ways to Use LED String Lights on Your Outdoor Patio

Posted by Birddog Lighting on May 11th 2020

3 Cool Ways to Use LED String Lights on Your Outdoor Patio

We've all been there; its the summertime, the sun has set, and you forgot to set up your string lights on your patio.

You make a rapid trip to the department store the very next day, all set for your barbecue party in the evening.

But, how do you install your new lights to maximize on patio style!?

Everyone has seen the string lights around the gate posts design before, you want something that'll really get your guests talking.

These are three LED string lights patio designs that'll be talked about long after the barbecue is over.

Hanging String Lights: Get The Ladders Out

If you want to create an ambiance with your string lights, you need to be looking up. 

Wrapping around easy to reach areas screams a lack of thought and dedication in how you've designed your back garden.

When designing the lighting of your kitchen or living room, all advice suggests thinking about your ceiling height.

With your patio light design, why not think outside the box, or indeed outside of the house? 

Just because your patio doesn't have a roof doesn't mean you can't think about the height of your lighting. Many gardens have trees from which LED lights can be hung.

Some patios might even have decking that could be used to great effect in suspending string lights safely. 

Imagine creating a whole ceiling out of string lights, or hanging a select few strips across the full length of your patio. 

It'll take a lot more effort than many other decor ideas, but your DIY efforts will be worth it as you're sat staring up at your hard work. 

Hanging string lights high up in your garden can go a long way towards creating a romantic ambiance for your space.

Think of fireflies in the night sky or distant stars with a bright orange glow. This effect can be created with just a bit of intuition and a sturdy ladder. 

I'm Gonna Hang String For My Chandelier

Once you've mastered the art of scaling on high to hang string lights from trees or other objects across your patio, why not go a step further and design a whole chandelier?

Though considerably more precarious and complicated, if you can pull this off it can create a jaw-dropping centerpiece for your patio.

Not only will it look stunning, but it'll be practical, as a central light will illuminate the entire space. 

There are several ways in which you can get creative with this idea also.

You can have strips hanging down like strands of water in a waterfall, or create a star out of the string lights.

You can even get an actual hanging object, like a hanging plant or a piece of decor, and wrap this in your string lighting to create even more impressive designs.

You can find all manner of inspiration for DIY chandeliers using string lights online with a quick Google search, but yours can be unique.

In this manner, string lights are incredibly versatile, much like rope lights.

They are however slightly less sturdy, so try not to be too experimental with your creations. You should be wary of the weight of anything you hang and make sure its fully secure.

The last thing anyone would want is becoming a string light mummy if your chandelier falls on top of them.

One way in which this can be made even more eye-catching is in using different colored LED lights, or perhaps light-changing LEDs. 

These could even be neon to give off a dance floor or party vibe.

This way the central light in your patio can function almost as a stationary disco ball. You could make this deliberate by using fast-changing lights or set them to change only sparingly to mix up the atmosphere.

Lantern Lights And Wall Designs

When people think of using string lights for their patio they often imagine draping, hanging string in various areas.

But you can use your LED lights in far more subtle ways to a similarly strong effect by creating small lanterns or table lights.

If you purchase small string lights you can wrap them around a plant and place it inside of a lantern, lighting the way of anyone who comes close to it.

A hugely popular iteration of this idea right now is putting string lights inside of mason jars to serve as table lights, but many simple and effective containers could be used.

Alternatively, you could hang them around a garden gnome and use him as a centerpiece, provided he doesn't get his muddy shoes all over your outdoor table.

Because they are so versatile, it can benefit to think small as well as big when using string lights.

This doesn't have to be limited to standing objects either, you can create simple or intricate wall designs from string lights to hang near your back door.

These can be as basic as a heart or as complicated as a whole mural; the only limitation is your imagination and the number of string lights you have to hand.

Maybe you could create informative signs for a big event like a wedding, to direct guests to the toilet or the bar. 

Or you could simply use them to contribute towards a theme, for an event or your overall patio design. 

For Halloween why not create some spooking string light wall skeletons, or spend your time creating a large American Flag out of red, white and blue lights for Thanksgiving. 

You could even create these string light images on your trees to allow for a more comprehensive lighting design across your entire garden.

Be Creative, Be You

Ultimately the best string lights patio design is what you want it to be. Get creative, and use these lights in a way that makes you smile every time you step out of your house.

Birddog Lighting has a huge variety of different lights to ensure that whatever your patio lighting dream, we can help to make it come true.

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