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10 Inspiring Backyard Lighting Ideas

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Apr 18th 2022

10 Inspiring Backyard Lighting Ideas

Are you wanting to get the most out of your backyard this spring and summer? 

Backyard lighting can help you create an atmosphere you love and want to spend time in! People with better-lit backyards often use them to host friends and family or simply enjoy warmer weather. But the wrong type of lighting can actually motivate you to spend less time in your backyard.

So, you need to know how to create attractive lighting arrangements in your backyard. Below, we'll get into the top 10 most inspiring ways to light your outdoor space. Keep reading to learn more and implement the best backyard lighting advice!

1. Light the Deck

First, you need to think in a practical manner. If you have an outdoor deck, you're going to need some lights to make sure you can maneuver around it without getting hurt. 

When you light a deck, think about what you want to use it for. People who plan on hosting guests in their backyard will want to create a certain atmosphere. If you want the deck to be well-lit, get bulbs with a high number of lumens. For the best effect, light the deck in an even manner.  

If you like softer backyard lighting, buy bulbs with fewer lumens.

2. Light Pathways

Ask yourself where you're going to need light once the sun goes down. If you have any walkways in your yard, you should line them with lights so that people don't trip or fall. 

You can do this in several ways. One of the most popular choices includes buying lights that you can stick into the ground. Some people even get solar lights. These charge by absorbing the sun's rays during the day. There are no electrical connections required!

3. Get Colorful Lighting

If you dislike the idea of having white lights in your backyard, opt for colored ones. Lights come in a variety of different shades. So, if you have an outdoor theme you'd like to match, find a color that best suits it!

In fact, solar lights come in both white and colored options. With some of them, you can even change the color depending on your needs.

4. Add Torch Lights

One of the best ways to create a great atmosphere for hosting is to place torch lights throughout your yard. You can use torch lights to brighten up your seating area. To do this, place them in a regular pattern around the seating area. With torch lights, you can implement a wide variety of arrangements. 

Try out a few different to see which ones work best!

You can also add torch lights to your walkways. So, if you don't like the look of smaller solar lights, you should try torch lights.

5. Get Waterproof Globe String Lights

If you like the idea of getting string lights that let off a fair amount of light, you should consider waterproof globe string lights. These differ from regular string lights because they don't have the lights embedded within the strings.

Instead, the lights dangle from the strings in small, globular bulbs. These are often brighter, giving you a stronger source of light. Like other bulbs, the brightness will get determined by the lumens. So, if you want a gentler source of light, look for a lower lumen number. 

The string lights should have waterproof qualities if you plan on keeping them up. Usually, these lights specify that they're waterproof on the box. If they don't, contact the manufacturer for more information.

You can hang these lights in a variety of places. Many homeowners string them either between two posts in their backyard or along the edges of their roof.

6. Buy Regular String Lights

Some people don't want the look of globe string lights but still want something they wrap around fenceposts and other pieces. If this sounds like you, you should look into regular string lights.

Because they don't have light bulbs, these lights make your backyard space look a bit whimsical and magical. They usually need to get connected to a power source to work. But if you don't have an outdoor outlet, don't worry. You can get string lights that use solar energy to charge.

7. Get Staked Spotlights

If you've put a lot of work into your yard, you'll want to get the most appreciation out of it. To do this, you should get staked spotlights. You place these into the ground.

Then, when the sun goes down, they turn on and showcase your favorite parts of your yard.

8. Buy a Lighted Umbrella

People who hate sitting around in the dark should consider getting a lighted umbrella to go with their patio furniture. 

Some umbrellas come with lights embedded in the underside. When you turn them on, they'll provide a comfortable amount of light that creates a positive atmosphere.

9. Mason Jar Lights

If you want lights for your table, consider placing some inside mason jars!

When you switch the lights on, they'll create a pleasant glow inside the jars. This also serves as a great decoration for backyard weddings or different events.

10. Strip Lights

Strip lights work best for people who need pops of light in certain areas. These lights go along the edge of something, such as a wall or an alcove.

They also come in many different colors! So, if you want to add a color scheme to your backyard, strip lights are a great choice of backyard lighting.

Get More Out of Your Backyard Lighting!

Now that you've read this backyard lighting guide, you're ready to get started!

If you want to buy the best backyard lighting products, we're here to help. We sell high-quality backyard lights that suit every style and decoration need. 

Not sure what you should buy? Contact us, and our staff will be happy to assist you!