10 Creative Ideas for Outdoor Holiday Lights

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 27th 2018

10 Creative Ideas for Outdoor Holiday Lights

Is National Lampoon’s Christmas your ideal when it comes to outdoor holiday lighting?

Regardless of the holiday, don’t get stuck in the same old decorating rut this year. We’ll help you pull out all the stops, and show those neighbors what’s up.

We’ve got your guide to 10 original ways to vamp up your outdoor lights this holiday season.

10 Creative Outdoor Holiday Lights

Get your creative juices flowing and choose an outdoor holiday lighting style to match your desired exterior look.

1. Vintage Pieces and Lights

Coordinating your outdoor lighting with charming decorative pieces can add a cozy touch to your display.

The vintage look is especially fun to try during Christmas by combining something like an antique sled with the classic, large-bulbed, colored lights. Simply drape your brightly colored bulbs over your old-school sled, and let the Norman Rockwell style Christmas begin!

For more vintage pairings, try draping your colored-bulbs with other pieces like beach cruiser bikes, wagons, or an old pair of skis.

2. Backlit Decorations

This style of lighting decor is striking for any holiday. Create spooky Halloween lighting with a witch’s silhouette. Simply use cut wood in the witch’s shape, paint it black, shine those spotlights on it from behind, and voila.

A versatile style of lighting, backlit decorations can also give off a reverent tone where desired.

Add a humble glow to your nativity scene at Christmas with some soft backlighting shining on your manger.

3. Whimsical Lantern Light

You’ve probably seen them everywhere from Home Depot, to Home Goods–mini lanterns are in when it comes to decorating.

Try lining your walkways or patios with these little lanterns, but instead of filling them with candles, try battery-powered string, or LED lights.

You can use anything from white twinkle lights to pumpkin lights, to vintage colored bulbs. This creative lighting is sure to make a statement.

4. Remote Controlled Lasers

Did the little child in you just thrill at the idea of remote-controlled lasers? Mhmm, we thought so.

These are fantastic for those looking for an easier way to impress with lighting this year. No muss, no fuss, and best of all, no ladders. Simply direct one little laser light at your home and sit back in your recliner and press your remote to turn them on.

These lights come in a variety of colors and displays. Give your neighbors a little show, and if you’re feeling really ambitious, add some theme music to accompany the changing look.

5. Natural Pendants

Pendant lighting is not just popular for interiors lately. Romantic, mysterious, natural pendant lights such as those made from willow are a unique way to add glow to your exterior.

Just throw some LED or twinkle lights into the middle of your pendants and hang them from your desired location. Group them in clusters to hang from your trees, or tastefully hang some on a patio.

Willow pendants are especially effective at adding texture and an outdoorsy feel to your exterior decor.

6. Moravian Stars

Shoot, these are magical anywhere you put them, hanging from trees, strung in a row, inside a tent, over a nativity, heck–in a kid’s playroom.

But we digress, these Moravian stars are fun to look at and are a refreshing break from the standard white twinkle lights.

These multi-point stars are also generally easy to store, as most fold up quite neatly come time to put them away.

7. LED Trees

“Branch out” this holiday, (see what we did there?). Create anything from your own haunted forest to a winter wonderland with beautiful LED trees. These can often be found in varying colors, with white being one of the more common.

These pre-lit trees eliminate the hassle of having to string twinkle lights on every branch of your own trees. They are conveniently lightweight.

For added interest, try hanging other holiday decorations from them. For Halloween, hang some paper bats from their branches.

For Christmas or other winter holidays, add some ball ornaments for a splash of color and fun.

8. Pine Garlands and Wreaths

Sure, you may be thinking, “is that …unique?” The answer is, YES. Bring back the classic look while every other yard on your street is donning the kitsch light-up reindeer and blow-up Santa’s.

White lights with pine garlands and wreaths are always in fashion and always classy.

Give your exterior a tasteful look to impress this winter with a pre-lit wreath on every front window. Harken back to a good old New England Christmas with pine garlands wrapped around banisters, porches, and doorways.

9. Wine Bottle Lamps

We all know that during the holiday season you probably have a few more wine bottles lying around than usual. Why not put them to good use?

Clean those beautiful bottles out and fill them with battery powered lights, or LED twinkle lights. Line your sidewalks or porch banister with this unique take on lamp lighting.

Not a drinker? Use another form of glass containers such as soda bottles or mason jars.

10. Fairy Lights and Snowflake Dust

This extra romantic take on white twinkle lights are not only fun to look at, but they’re a great craft to do with family to fill those longer winter nights.

Simply grab your string of white twinkle lights, a pair of scissors, some tulle, and rubber bands.

Cut out one 8×8 inch square from your tulle for every light bulb. Then, using your rubber band, tie the tulle around each bulb to create a little white “skirt” for each.

For the snowflake dust lights, you need: white twinkle lights, white “bouquet holders,” (aka doilies), and scissors. Cut a small hole in the center of each doily and poke the bulb of each twinkle light through the center.

This fanciful snowflake light looks especially lovely in a winter window.

Let There Be Light!

Now that you’ve got some unique, new ideas for outdoor holiday lights, be sure you’re hanging or setting them up properly.

Educate yourself and check out our helpful blog post on 10 key tips for how to hang outdoor string lights.