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Puck Lights

For a versatile lighting solution that goes wherever you need it, choose LED puck lights from Birddog Lighting. Puck lights are the perfect solution for any accent lighting project because they are battery operated and easily mountable. As the name implies, they're the shape of a puck, so they don't take up a lot of space and have a slim profile that's easy to hide. With multiple brightness settings and Velcro™ available on select models, our dimmable puck lights are the easiest way to brighten your work space.

Puck Lights Installed

LED puck lights can be used throughout your home or office. Install the lights under kitchen cabinets, in closets, under desk hutches or anywhere else that you need a little extra lighting. Puck lights are battery operated, so they don't require an electrical connection. This is particularly useful when installing them in older homes, under kitchen cabinets or in confined spaces. Each light can be independently operated, so you can choose the level of illumination that's right for your needs. For increased brightness, install several puck lights in one area. For general use or accent lighting, spread the puck lights out. Puck lights do not require permanent installation and are ablate be secured using non-damaging methods making them great for renters.

Shop for high-quality puck lights at Birddog Lighting. We carry standard or dimmable puck lights to choose from along with different styles that may be better suited for your particular project type. When ordering puck lights, be sure to carefully measure your space and plan your lighting to ensure that you order enough puck lights to get the job done. Our puck lights are affordable, durable and reliable, so stock up today and create your own custom lighting project.