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LED Panel Lights

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Dimmable LED Panel Light - 2 Foot x 4 Foot


Now is the time to get our new DLC listed LED panel lights and save more than 75% on energy costs compared to a standard fluorescent troffer, recessed or suspended fixture. These high lumen output LED panels produce are extremely bright while remaining...

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Dimmable LED Panel Light - 2 Foot x 2 Foot


The 2 x 2 LED dimmable panel delivers exceptional high lumen output light across residential and commercial installations. This exceptional performance is achieved by fully utilizing the SMD LED's high efficacy of over 135 lumens per watt and...

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Cut energy costs and improve lighting in your home or office by replacing fluorescent troffers and fixtures with energy-efficient LED panel lights from Birddog Lighting. LED ceiling panel lights use up to 60 percent less energy than standard fluorescent options, saving you money on utility costs without sacrificing light quality or brightness. Our 2 x 4 LED panel lights are extremely bright and feature side lit SMD LED technology, which produces an even light throughout the panel. That means you’ll enjoy bright and even lighting where you need it the most.

LED panel light products are discreet and affordable. The ultra-thin design measures just .5" in depth, making them easy to install. In fact, these LED panel lights fit perfectly in ceilings or most other architectural lighting design projects. Upgrade the lighting in your kitchen, your office or your workspace with a new LED ceiling light panel from Birddog Lighting and enjoy reduced energy costs along with improved visibility.

If you're in the market for a lighting solution that rivals fluorescent in terms of quality and brightness, but costs just pennies to operate, take a look at LED ceiling panel lights from Birddog Lighting. Our high-quality light fixtures are designed for use on the ceiling and deliver a brilliant glow where you need it the most. The replacement fixtures are great for updating or renovating your space and because they use LED technology, they're virtually maintenance-free.

Shop at Birddog Lighting today to find the best selection of premium LED panel lights at affordable prices. For questions about any of our lighting products or for help ordering, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable customer service team.