Why Your Business Should Make the Switch to Commercial Led Lights

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Sep 27th 2023

Why Your Business Should Make the Switch to Commercial Led Lights

Did you know that the global LED light industry worth is $55 billion? By the end of the decade, that industry is expected to more than double its worth.

If you are a business owner, you may be using lights to help get people to notice your store. However, you may be frustrated with the current lights that you have and are looking for alternatives.

Well, commercial LED lights can do the best job for you.

Why should you use commercial LED lighting? What are the biggest benefits that it can offer you?

Here are some of the biggest reasons you should make the switch.

Energy Saver

One of the biggest perks of LED lights is how much less energy it uses compared to traditional lights. LED lights use 75% less energy compared to regular lights.

This is huge when you consider the carbon footprint that each business takes up. If you switch to these lights, you can significantly reduce your business' carbon footprint.

That means that you could do something positive for the environment and even be recognized as an environmentally friendly company. If people that prefer to shop with environmentally friendly businesses start to recognize this in your business, it could help your business build a positive reputation in that community.

Lasts Longer

Another big benefit LED lights can offer you is how long they last. In comparison to traditional lights, they last 25 times longer.

What that means is that when you buy LED lights, you are not even going to have to think about replacing those lights for a long time.

Some people may get fooled because LED lights tend to cost a little more upfront than traditional lights. However, while this may be the case, you have to consider the value you are getting for the money.

On top of this, you want to think about the convenience of only needing one set of lights. It is something that you do not have to stay on top of, and these lights can prove very reliable for your business.

Saves Money

While it is beneficial for businesses to use fewer light bulbs and contribute to improving the environment, there is one bigger benefit that results from both of these. That benefit is businesses saving money on business expenses.

There are two main things that businesses can save money on by switching to LED lights.

The first thing is the energy bill every month. Considering that LED lights use 75% less energy vs. traditional lights, you need to think about the difference that means for your electric bill.

If you had a bill that costs $100 to keep your light bulbs lit, you are now only paying $25 per month. That means that in one year, you would only have to pay $300 vs. $1,200.

The second thing this helps you save money on is the money your business spends on new light bulbs.

As mentioned above, LED lights are likely going to start out more expensive than standard lights. However, where you start to notice a price difference is how long the lights last.

Let's say that you spend $50 on LED lights when you initially buy them. Traditional lights may cost $10 in comparison.

Remember, LED lights last 25 times longer. That means that you have to spend $250 on regular lights to get the same amount of usage as LED lights in this example.

When it comes to operating your business, it just makes sense to cut costs in this area if it is going to be that easy for you.

Less Maintenance

Depending on the size of your business, there may be maintenance issues if your business demands enough lights. So, imagine if you have lights that suddenly can last 25 times longer than usual.

That means that someone only has to go fix or replace a light bulb about 4% of the time compared to your regular lights.

This is where the size and type of business you have can come into play. If you own a large facility or have light bulbs in places that are difficult to reach, this can be a real headache to get maintenance in here regularly.

However, replacing the lights eliminates this problem and allows your business to operate more efficiently.

Increase Curb Appeal

Finally, if you use light bulbs outdoors to increase exposure for your business, then you need these to be reliable. We have discussed how much longer LED lights can last.

That means that there is far less likely of a chance that these lights will go out on you while they are displayed compared to regular lights. This also means that the lights will have less downtime, which means more exposure for your business.

Think about it. If you are a small business, having a well lit sign can mean the difference in whether or not you gain a new regular customer. People need to know your business exists and that it is open.

Switch to Commercial LED Lights

These are some of the biggest reasons why you should switch to commercial LED lights.

One of the biggest factors to this is how much money your business saves using these lights instead. That is made possible because they use less energy and they last a lot longer compared to regular lights.

When you have these benefits, it also means you do not need as much maintenance when it comes to lighting. On top of that, you have more curb appeal for your business.

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