Where to Install Outdoor Strip Lighting

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Oct 12th 2020

Where to Install Outdoor Strip Lighting

The people who invented LED lights were trying to make lasers. Instead, they found an alternative to current lightbulbs. 

LED lights show up in our lives everyday. From microwaves and car dashboards to even shoes and accessories. One of the best uses for them is as outdoor strip lighting. 

Here are the top ways you can transform your backyard with outdoor LED strip lights.

Line Your Balcony or Porch

Outdoor LED strip lights are the perfect way to add some flair to the edge of your porch or balcony. 

All you need to do is attach the strip under the railing and run it along the length. This way, you hide the strip and get to enjoy the downward cast of light on your balcony or porch.

Don't have a railing on your porch? No problem. Outdoor strip lighting works great on the edge of the porch as well as on the steps. 

You can tuck the strip underneath the sides of the stairs for a subtle lighting solution. 

It's a beautiful way to create a perfect atmosphere for sitting outside on summer evenings. Also, it makes your porch safer. When you clearly illuminate each step, people are unlikely to stumble or trip.

If you have a covered balcony or porch, you can add more strips lights up there. This creates pleasing overhead lighting as well as the footlights.

Overhead lights highlight the architecture of your home while illuminating the seating area.  

Mark Flowerbeds

During the day, your gorgeous garden doesn't need any enhancements. Yet, after twilight, your beautiful blooms aren't as stunning.

A great way to enhance your garden is to line your flowerbeds with 12V LED strip lights. As the sun goes down, change the color of the bulbs to match those startling hues.

In the dark, your LED lighting will prevent people from accidentally walking through your plants. Plus, it will cast a unique set of colors and the grass will cahse shadows that will make your garden beautiful day or night. 

 When installing these lights, place the strip along the perimeter of your flowerbeds. You can tuck the strip into the ground slightly. 

Make Your Above Ground Pool Upscale

Many people scoff at above ground pools. But if you have one, you know that they cool you down, provide hours of fun and can look good too.

An easy way to enhance the luxury and wow-factor of your above-ground pool is with LED strip lights.

You can apply these strips right to the inside of your pool. Or if you prefer, place them around the pool deck.

Choose color-changing modes or stick with a dynamic single color. You can change this as your mood does.

LED strips are so versatile. You can modify the brightness and change the speed that colors change.

Techno-colour dance party in the pool? Oh yes! 

Remember, before you purchase LED pool lights, find out what your city's code requirements are. When installing strips near water, they must be waterproof.

Do not alter the strips. If you do solder or strip your lights, you must check that all connections and exposed conductive traces are sealed. 

Line your Pathways

One of the most popular uses for outdoor LED strip lights is to line pathways. Guide walkers through your yard or to your front door. 

Pathway lights are a pain to mow around. They can fall out, the stakes can break or become damaged and can invite bugs to make nests inside. Plus, they give off an overly bright light.

Instead, strip lights give off a subtle diffused light. It's much easier on the eyes and overall more pleasing to look at. 

Around the Firepit

Many backyards include a firepit station. Many people choose to install patio stones or river rocks around the pit. 

You can add a little lux and safety to this area by marking the outline with strip lights. Choose fun colors to complement the bouncing light of the fire.

Tree Trunks

Tree lights are a popular decor trend at holiday resorts. Have you ever walked to the beach at night flanked by lit palm trees?

Well, now you can recreate the magic at home. This is perfect for mature yards with large trees with solid trunks. Although it will still look stunning on young trunks.

Simply wrap your strips around the tree. Voila! Make your garden feel special and magical each night.

Illimuinate Your Pergola and Trellis 

By now you are starting to see just how versatile strip lighting is. You can add drama to your pergola or your trellis with a row of strip lights.

Sitting under diffused light is so enjoyable. You'll find you stay out under your pergola or next to your trellis even longer! 

Feature Lighting

Is your backyard minimalist? Do you prefer good furnishing and finishes to plants?

Simple design features can be enhanced with the use of lights in the right spots. In fact, your simple design could get a jolt of elegance with LED strip lights.

A bench, chair or fence can look striking when you add light in the perfect way.

Even if you think less is more, adding strip lighting to your minimalist design can make your space cohesive and cozy.

The Possiblities are Endless with Outdoor Strip Lighting

Thanks for reading! As you can see, there are so many ways that you can use outdoor strip lighting to create a backyard oasis. Whether you want a funky, trendy look or prefer sophisticated minimalism, LED light strips can help.

Now, shop our wide selection of LED strip lights to find the perfect ones for your outdoor space.

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