How to Use LED Strip Lights to Decorate for the Holidays

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 18th 2016

How to Use LED Strip Lights to Decorate for the Holidays

You needn’t limit yourself to cutting out paper snowflakes or drawing turkeys shaped like your hand when the holidays roll around. If you’re looking for a way to spice up the festivities, you might want to think about adding color and light with LED strip lights. Here are a few fun ideas for using lights to decorate for the holidays.

Valentine’s Day

Setting the mood on this day of love is important, and lighting can play a major role. If providing a romantic atmosphere interests you, then you can string up strip lights in shades of white, pink, or red. For a romantic dinner setting sans actual open flames, run strip lights around the underside of the table.  Alternatively, you can create a centerpiece by jumbling lights in a hurricane vase or placing them under mesh netting to look like fairy lights. These creative displays and the effort your put in will sure to impress your partner.

St. Patrick’s Day

Over time, retailers have commercialized most holidays. St. Patrick’s Day, for example, is all about tying one on. Before you start downing green beers, though, you might want to set up your party pad. The obvious solution is green LED strip lights, and the obvious place to add them is in the bar area. If all you’ve got is a tiny bar cart, application is simple. Place lighting under platforms to make this party station stand out. If you have an actual built-in bar, run lights under the edge of the bar so people know where to go for refills.  Also place lights around the mirror behind the bar and along the edges of shelves to set your fancy bottles aglow.

Independence Day Flag Wall

You can certainly show your holiday spirit on this summer occasion, when barbecues go well into the evening in order to enjoy fireworks displays, by hanging lights in the good old red, white, and blue. Place them all over outdoor spaces – on the eaves, around fence railings, along walkways and across the front of steps – to show your patriotism and light the way for guests after dark. You could also take your efforts a step further by creating your own mural in lights. If you want to create the American flag with LED strip lights, you can either work with a frame and hang it after the fact, or simply attach lights directly to an outdoor wall with reusable clips (or more permanent attachments). You might even set up a massive lit flag on the lawn. The best part is, you can reuse this holiday lighting project on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day.  You can also leave the patriotic light display up year-round.

Weave a Web

Strip lights are so versatile that you can really have fun creating lighting designs. Instead of stringing orange, green, and purple lights across an overhead space in straight lines, fiesta style, you could plan out a web design for a Halloween party.  Simply use zip ties to keep your lines in place. After completing your design, you can tack it up indoors or hang it across a deck or patio in your backyard.  This depends, of course, on how cold the weather in your area is at that time of year.


Any time you’re hosting a massive feast, you’re going to want a spectacular centerpiece. Although the cornucopia is traditional, most people don’t actually create these displays for their table.  Instead they prefer to place the turkey front and center. If you’re all about the overall design, use LED strip lighting on your table.  Place platters ahead of time and wind the lights around them. Then remove the platters, place holiday-themed netting over the top for effect, and replace each platter as you fill it with food.

End-of-Year Holidays

If you decorate for no other holiday, chances are you’re going to make some effort for your winter holiday of choice, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or another festivity (Festivus for the rest of us?). Lighting plays a big role in these end-of-year holidays. You’ve probably already got the tree under control, but you can also place LED strip lights around windows and doors, across the mantle and up stair railings, and around tables festooned with gifts of holiday goodies. You can have even more fun outdoors (so long as you purchase strip lighting that’s rated for outdoor use). LED strip lights are an excellent alternative, for example, to outrageously expensive icicle lights. You can use these strips to create the same effect (or better) along the eaves for a lot less money when you buy long strings of strip lights. They can also easily wind up tree trunks and around branches. You can create a winter wonderland of lights in white or the colors of your particular holiday. There’s just no end to the creative ways you can use LED strip lights to decorate your home and show your spirit for every holiday throughout the calendar year.

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