Top 5 Tips for Putting Up Yard Inflatables This Year

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jun 6th 2022

Top 5 Tips for Putting Up Yard Inflatables This Year

Did you know that more than 40% of adults in the United States decorate the exterior of their homes for the holidays? 

Putting up yard inflatables can make the holidays seem more fun, but they can also be used for other times of the year. 

If you want to make the most of your yard, you should consider getting inflatable decor that matches your style.

Continue reading to discover tips for putting up the best yard inflatables and impressing your neighbors! 

1. Stake Them Down

One of the most important tips for putting up yard inflatables is to stake them down.

Securing the inflatables is essential so that the wind doesn't lift them and take the material across town. The larger your inflatable decoration is, the larger stakes you should get. Not only will the larger stakes go further in the ground to ensure they won't budge, but they can also help prevent them from hitting each other. 

It is common for people to have an issue with staking down inflatables in sandy areas. Aerated soil is the best option for putting down stakes. Sand can make it difficult for the stakes to stay and clay could easily break the prongs. 

2. Light Things Up 

If you want to learn how to put up yard inflatables that stand out, you need to add some light. 

Putting LED, twinkly, or spotlights around your yard inflatables will improve the curb appeal of your home. Many people make the mistake of spending hundreds of dollars on holiday inflatable for summer events but people can't even see them. 

A lot of people recommend getting twinkly lights for the yard. They look great all year and can help light up areas that will display your yard inflatables. Not only are these lights gentle and playful, but they also don't overheat or distract people that are driving. 

Don't spend your money on inflatables for them to just sit in the dark. House lights can help add light to the yard, however, they often aren't enough for lighting up tall inflatables. Depending on the type of inflatable that you purchase, some have lights included with them!

3. Organize Your Cords 

Most people don't realize it, but putting too much strain on an electric circuit can cause outages.

Overloading the power makes the wires overheat, which could also result in a fire if there is enough electricity running through. You should always check to see where the circuit breaker is for the exterior outlets you are using. In case of emergencies, you need to be able to shut things off. 

When electric cords are tangled, it's difficult to determine how much energy is pulling from your circuit breaker. You can use wire collectors to reduce the tangling and keep wires where you want them. Some people use ground stakes to keep cords from becoming a tripping hazard.

If you don't take care of your yard's inflatable cords, it can cause a fire, make your inflatable less efficient, or lead to damage. 

4. Incorporate Different Sizes 

With so many people putting up yard inflatables, they aren't as exciting as they once were.

But that doesn't mean you should stop getting them! Instead of spending all your money on a large inflatable, get a few different sizes for contrast. The more that you can include in a space, while still supplying enough room, the better your display will be. 

If you are having a difficult time planning your next outdoor scene, request our free catalog for inspiration! It's easy to think that yard inflatables should only go up during the winter holidays, but they make more sense to put up in the spring and summer. Without all of the snow, you don't have to worry about your cool pieces getting covered. 

While you are setting up the inflatable arrangement, pay attention to how many large ones you are plugging into one outlet. Combine small and large inflatables in an outlet to ensure that they don't get overloaded. 

5. Give Enough Space 

Have you ever gone to look at holiday lights or walked around the neighborhood and saw inflatables bouncing off of each other? 

Windy days are bound to occur, which means that you need to get prepared for them. Providing enough space for each inflatable will prevent them from hitting each other and getting tangled. The more that your inflatables rub against surfaces, the faster they will wear down. 

The best way to judge how much space you need is by laying the inflatable sideways so that the height can be used for measurement. You also need to stake your inflatables properly to that they don't inch closer together. 

If you are using a lot of smaller inflatables, this won't be as large of an issue. When the inflatable's highest point is closer to the ground, there is less risk for movement. 

Will Your Yard Inflatables Stand Out?

If you want your yard inflatables to make a statement this summer, there are a few things that you will have to consider.

Holding down the inflatables with stakes and rope is essential, otherwise, the wind will quickly pick them up and become a hazard. It's also important that you light up your inflatables so that you and the community can see their unique design and bright colors. 

Don't be afraid to get creative with the layout of your inflatables, just ensure that each one has enough space to go with the flow. 

Be sure to check out our holiday lights and decor section, there are plenty of wonderful options that will make a statement!

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