Top 5 Signs You Need New LED Flood Lights

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Jun 20th 2022

Top 5 Signs You Need New LED Flood Lights

Did you know that there are about 3 home burglaries every minute in the U.S.? If you're a homeowner, you need the right tools to keep your home safe. Flood lights are one such tool you can use to improve your home security.

But what are flood lights? If you already have them installed, what are some signs that you need new ones?

That's what we're here to look at today. Read on to find out more about the 5 signs you need to get new LED flood lights.

What are LED Flood Lights?

Flood lights are commonly used as outdoor lighting due to their ability to light large areas. If you've ever seen bright street lights or homes with bright outdoor lighting, you've probably seen LED flood lights in action.

In short, flood lights are powerful light systems that let you illuminate big areas. Stadiums often use flood lights to light up a field, while emergency units often use LED flood lighting to see large plots of land.

Why Use Flood Lights?

So, why should you use flood lights over other types of lighting? For starters, flood lights let you see over a larger plot of land. If you want to illuminate your big yard after the sun sets, flood lights let you do just that.

Say you want to play some football or baseball with your kids at night. Flood lights are great to keep everyone safe by illuminating the entire field. It also deters home invaders since everything is so visible from the house.

A lot of LED flood lights are also adjustable. This means you can illuminate entire walkways at night to ensure no one's tripping over anything.

They also won't compromise the look of your home. Their small and compact sizes mean that they're relatively inconspicuous once installed.

Signs You Need to Replace Flood Lights

Say you finally installed some flood lights and are enjoying the fruits of your labor. You notice a dip in their performance, or they're not lighting things the way that you want.

It's hard to know whether you should invest a lot of time to replace them. To help you get a better sense of when you should get your flood lights replaced, let's break down some of the most common signs:

1. Improper Lighting

If you've installed LED flood lights, you might not be satisfied with the light that's coming out. Sometimes the color isn't to your liking, or it's just not illuminating something the right way.

In this case, it might be good to quickly get new LED flood lights. There's no point in sticking with flood lights that don't accommodate your needs.

2. Poor Installation

Sometimes your LED flood lights aren't installed properly and act out as a result. Whether the wires aren't connected the right way or the positioning is a bit off, there are quite a few things that can go wrong here.

If this occurs, you can start anew and get another set of LED flood lights to replace the ones that you have. Doing so lets you start over and install the lights the right way.

3. Flickering

When your LED flood lights begin flickering, that's probably a sign that it's beginning to wear out and needs replacing. If it's new, then it might be a different problem altogether.

In any case, check how long the LED flood light has been installed there. If it's been a long time, the flickering could just be the wear and tear, in which case a replacement might be in order.

4. Doesn't Light Up Anymore

An LED flood light that doesn't light up at all is due for a replacement in most cases. Again, it could be that something was disconnected but in most instances, the light just needs to be replaced.

5. Falling Out of Fixture

Whether something hit the light or it was just improperly installed, your LED flood light sometimes ends up falling out. This indicates some sort of damage done to the lights themselves.

In other words, it needs to be replaced. Chances are, it's damaged to the point where it might not perform as well even if it's reinstalled.

How to Install LED Flood Lights

So, what if you have to replace or install new flood lights?

You first need to choose a location for your lights. If you want to put them in the same spot your old LED flood lights were, you're already set.

Make sure you turn off the power through your circuit breaker before you start. Safety is always a priority when dealing with something as strong as LED flood lights.

After that, you have to uninstall your old flood lights. Make sure you unscrew the lights, then unscrew the wall plate or fixture. Look out for any loose wires as you do this.

Then, you need to wire and install the replacement lights. This might get a little confusing and potentially hazardous, so getting as much assistance as possible is recommended.

After everything is installed, you should test the lights as much as possible to make sure they're performing as intended. Turn the power back on and see if your lights illuminate the area.

If not, check the installation again to see if they were done properly. If they work, play around with the light's angles to get as much coverage as you need.

New Flood Lights for You

LED flood lights not only keep you and your home safe, but they also provide lots of opportunities for outdoor nighttime get-togethers. Use this guide to help you understand when it's time to replace your LED flood lights.

Are you looking for effective LED flood lights? Contact us today and we'll get you started on a solution right away!

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