The advantages of LED rope lighting

Posted by Birddog Lighting on Nov 12th 2010

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Rope lighting is not just a beautiful way to decorate your house, garden or any other space, it is also both environmentally friendly and relatively cheap. Rope lighting is becoming very popular because it has several advantages over traditional outdoor lighting and decor. Color & decor: Rope lights are available in multiple colors, patterns and wavelengths. The LED bulbs and even the tubes can be manufactured in different colors. This means rope lights can perfectly blend or contrast with virtually any environment. Durability: Rope lights usually come in a PVC resin tube, which does not normally burn or singe. Furthermore, rope lights are nearly waterproof. The bulbs themselves have an average lifespan of 25,000 lighting hours. All this makes rope lighting a long-term decorating option and a worthy investment. Flexibility: The tubes themselves can be bent into a desirable shape. This is perfect for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Environmentally friendly: Because of the low power requirements and long lifespan amongst other things, rope lighting is a very environmentally friendly option. In addition, no permanent changes have to be made to install rope lights. Installing and dismantling a rope light is both easy and safe. Recent developments include solar powered rope lights. Due to the wide variety of choice associated with rope lights, users have access to almost limitless customization. At the end of the day, you can choose from numerous options with regards to color, type, pattern, length, etc. Before you go ahead and purchase a rope light, make a note of the environment it will be installed in. This is important because you will have to decide if the rope light will be used to blend, enhance or contrast with the environment.

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